Wearable Survival Kit (With Tech Additions)




Hello there! Here is an instructable about making a survival kit which can be worn on your wrist! All you are going to need is:

A small plastic box (used here is a TicTac box)

Matchsticks (2)

Part of the ignition strip on the side of the matchbox


A Dongle with a working internet connection plan and also with a SD card slot, for using as a flash memory medium

A calculator-watch

Sports Wristband

A thin band (elastic)

A mirror stuck on a piece of cardboard

Step 1: Making the Miniature Essential Survival Kit

Firstly, we will make the miniature essential survival kit which includes all the materials seen in the picture

Step 2: The Fire Essentials

Take two matchsticks and the strip cut from the side of the matchbox

Step 3: BandAid

Take the BandAid, which should preferably be of a well trusted company, for you cant take chances when on survival mode

Step 4: Writing Instrument

Take a thin ball pen refill, and cut it according to the size of the survival kit box

Step 5: Fitting the BandAid

Fold the BandAid according to the size of the kit box

Step 6: Fitting the Matchbox Strip

Fold the strip according to the need of crunching it in the kit

Step 7: Fitting the Matchsticks

Take the two matchsticks and cut them if necessary, but a suggestion is, try not to cut the matchsticks, for the more wood you have, the longer it will burn

Step 8: Fitting the Refill

Take the already cut refill and fit it in the box

Step 9: Fitting Everything

Take the box

Step 10: Fit Everything

Step 11: Making the Ultimate Wearable Survival Kit

Take all the materials shown in the picture

Step 12: Take the Calculator Watch

Make sure each key works

Step 13: The Dongle

Insert the SD card in the dongle and you get both the dongle and the pendrive

Step 14: Pocket Mirror

Step 15: Elastic Band

Step 16: Fixing the Objects

Arrange and fix all the objects as shown

Step 17: Fixing the Objects

Fix everything and dont forget to attach the Survival Kit too



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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I'm going to make this, I'm going to try to fit some string into it also.

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Don,t worry about comment learn from comments and make a BEst compact survival kit....Thumbs Up...


    3 years ago

    You have none of the survival essentials other than fire, which is questionable because if you think 2 matches are enough then i doubt you can light a fire with one. You've got no way to purify water, no rope (an essential), no worthwhile first aid, no way to make any sort of shelter, and no redundancy whatsoever. And that mirror would be pretty useless, you'd wanna get an actual signaling mirror- that is something you can't afford to skimp out on. Which is funny because you said you don't wanna take chances in a survival situation when talking about the single bandaid you added. You might as well drop everything but the dongle.

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    You see, there is a limit on what all you can add to something wearable, but I will keep in mind your suggestions and make the version 1.1 better


    Reply 3 years ago

    Check out the micro survival kit builds, you'd be amazed how small they can get.


    3 years ago

    why you need SD card?