Weather Station Made by D-duino




Introduction: Weather Station Made by D-duino

Last time I made a example of how to use D-duino upload to ThingSpeak.

This time I use another D-duino.

I take it to my workplace. It becomes my weather assistant.

When I work, I can see the current time, current weather, weather forecast, and read my home temperature successfully.

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Step 1: Prepare

D-duino x2

18650 shield x2

DHT11 sensor x1.

For one of D-duino

Follow my last project: Display Temperature and Humidity and upload to ThingSpeak

After this D-duino upload my home temperature and humidity to ThingSpeak successfully.

I can use another D-duino to read data from ThingSpeak.

I leave this D-duino in my home. It keeps uploading data to ThingSpeak.

Step 2: My Weather Station D-duino

Follow my project on github.

Weather Station.

The first page displays the time right now.

The second page displays weather forecast.

The third page displays the weather of my city.

The last page shows the temperature and humidity of my home.This data reads from ThingSpeak.

This project uses only two D-duino but complete much work of IOT.

Very amazing ,is it?

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