Weather-proof Trash Bin

Introduction: Weather-proof Trash Bin

Hello, this instructable is a easy project. Our Trash Bin is made from a used 60 liter barrel, witch I bought for 10€. The main reason to take this barrel is because it fits perfect for the trash bags used in the city I live in, and because the barrels are very strong,cheap, weather-proof an probably also cat-proof. Of course, it would be easy just to put the bag in the barrel and fill it, but because the barrel is smaller on the top, it would be impossible to pull the full bag out of the trash bin. We can fix that by making the smaller top part hinge.

Step 1: We Decide to Draw the Line

We draw the line as hich as possible, but under the part where the barrel gets thinner.

Step 2: We Cut the Barrel in 2 Parts

Step 3: We Make the Hinge and Mount It on the Barrel.

As you can see, the hinge is made from 4 angle irons, dimensions 60mm x 18 mm and 4 pvc tube clamps fitting on a 12 mm copper tube. The tube is 150 mm long. Screws are M3 x 20mm.
You can compensade the rounding of the barrel by slightly turn the pvc clamps.
The screws used to mount the hinge on the barrel are M5 x 20 , in my case I had to put some washers onder the 2 lowest angle irons.
Of course the long ends of the angle irons are cutted of, it looks better and its safer.

Step 4: We Make the Snap Lock

The snap lock is made from a steel tube clamp, they are also very usefull to keep your tools, brooms, etc... in place,
they are in different sizes and they are very cheep.In my case I took a clamp that fit on the 12 mm copper tube, the same we used to make the hinge. And a little metal strip that is plied. We also need a little piece of the copper tube witch you can see on the pictures.
The clamp snaps in a 18 mm end of the copper tube, we mount the tube on the upper halve and the steel clamp on the under halve of the barrel.
The trash bin is ready now, of course the only time we use the hinged part is when you replace the trash bag.

Step 5: Replace Trash Bag

To fill the trash bag we use the normal (black) lid of the barrel, you can use the clamping ring to hold the bag in place en put the lid on top (Loose! obviously don't use the clamping ring to clamp the lid, it would be a lot of work to put something in the trash bin).
To replace the bag,simply loose the snap lock and take the bag out.

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