Weather-proofing Your DSLR Camera for Cheap.

Introduction: Weather-proofing Your DSLR Camera for Cheap.

When using my camera at TechShop to shoot in some dusty environment, I want to protect my camera with a plastic bag. I've also used this technique to shoot on a mildly rainy day outside. I made this one at TechShop in Menlo Park (, right before shooting in the paint room.

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Step 1: You Will Need...

Very few hings you need for this job:

1. Large enough ziploc (or similar) plastic bag.
2. DSLR camera with hooded lens;
3. Pair of scisors;
4. And some good quality gaffers tape.

Make sure that the gaffers tape you're using is not leaving sticky residue when removed. That's the reason why those tapes sold at B&H Photo are so much more expensive that stuff from your local utility store.

Step 2: Mark the Hole on Plastic Bag

Take the hood off of your camera and place it half way on the bottom seam of the plastic bag and draw semi-circle around the hood.

Step 3: Cut Out a Hole

Cut a hole with pair of scissors, but slightly smaller than your marks. You'll need it to fit rather snugly around the hood.

Step 4: Pull It Over the Hood

Gently pull the hood through the hole in plastic bag.

Step 5: Tape It to the Hood.

Take a piece of gaffers tape and wrap it around the plastic bag, making sure, that one half of it is touching the hood.

Step 6: Insert the Camera

Insert the camera through the opening and set the hood in it's place on the lens. Then close the zipper on the bag and your done!

Step 7: Result!

As a result, you have a camera, which to some extent can be handled with oily hands in not-camera-friendly environments. You can still push buttons on the camera and see control displays through the bag. When done shooting, just dispose it to avoid introducing dust or moisture to your camera bag. Thanks for reading!

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I built a simple but more durable project that protects the lens glass too :-)