Weave a Kid's Scarf in Home-made Loom

Introduction: Weave a Kid's Scarf in Home-made Loom

I have been thinking over a present for my kiddie niece for her Birthday and thought of a hand woven scarf. Since I do not have a loom for weaving the scarf, I asked my father to make one with some left-over plywood lying at home.

The home-made loom is about 4 feet long from nail to nail and about 6 inches wide with 17 nails on both ends

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Step 1: Warp the Long Yarn

I have used Sea-green colored yarn as warp for the longer side.

  • Tie the yarn over first nail at one end and then take it across and turn over the nail at other end.
  • Bring the yarn back to the home end and turn it over the second nail.
  • Continue warping till the yarn is warped on all 17 nails at both sides

Step 2: Start Weaving With Multi Colored Yarn

For the weft I have selected multi colored yarn which I will use 4 strands for a weft. I have also used a 6 inch long metal sewing needle which will be used in place of shuttle.

  • Take 2 strands of yarn and insert through the needle. Now you have 4 strands for weaving.
  • Start weaving from one end leaving about 4 inches from the nails
  • Leave about 6 inches of loose yarn at the start. Insert the needle through the warp in a "over and Above" pattern between the warp and pull the yarn all the way to the other side.
  • You can take small lengths of yarn convenient to work with the long needle. Make joints by tying whenever required

Step 3: Continue Weaving

  • Continue weaving from one end. Once a weft is passed through the warp, press and bring it closer with your fingers so that the weaving is uniform

Step 4: Tie Yarn at End

  • Once the scarf is woven all the way from one end to other, you can tie and trim the yarn at the end.

Step 5: Cut Warp From Nails and Finish

  • Starting from one end, cut the warp from nails and tie with a double knot with the adjacent yarn
  • Trim excess yarn leaving about 2 inches on both ends and finish the scarf.

Please see the completed scarf in the last picture

Step 6:

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    2 years ago

    I used to work in Donegal Carpets tufting handdmade woolcarpets and wallhangings and this has inspired me to put my creative mind back to work again and yes when completed I will share them on here,The home made loom is great idea.Namaste


    2 years ago

    That's really cute! I'm sure they loved it :)