Woven Potholder Purse



Introduction: Woven Potholder Purse

Very sturdy, hand woven, green, red, and blue purse. Great for any age, and very crafty looking.

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    it does thanks their was no need to apoligizes but its ok . oh by the way nicce looks prety nifty

    Thanks! I made it purely for fun. I made another one that I am currently using. Then, when I saw the gift exchange, (I had been just recently featured) I thought I would give it a shot.

    Sorry. I kinda lost myy trail of thought there, and got off topic. So what kind of things do you make?

    i like trying to mod my 4 gig usb drive lat time i tried i tried making a stumpunk one and failed due to the fact i like machining tools . i like desining more than building . if find it hard to do big projects because im only 13 . anyway thanks for askin : )

    No kidding. I had to lie to get on here. Im only 11, but everyone says im really crafty. (dont tell)