Weaving a Small Flower Basket With Old Magazine Paper




Introduction: Weaving a Small Flower Basket With Old Magazine Paper

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This is a small Basket woven with strips of glossy paper from an old magazine.

This is my first instructable so, I made something different for participating in First Time Author Contest

Please go through the below steps on how to weave this basket with paper strips

Step 1: Items Required

  • One or two pages from an old magazine. The pages I have used are glossy papers having 9 " X 11 " size
  • A Cutting Mat
  • A steel Ruler for cutting paper strips
  • Craft knives
  • Synthetic Resin adesive
  • An Ice Cream Stick for applying the glue
  • A basket shaped Serving Bowl

Step 2: Cut Paper Strips and Apply on Bowl

  • Remove one page from the magazine and place it on the cutting mat
  • Aligning with the markings on the cutting mat, cut half centimetre wide strips from the page
  • Place the bowl upside down on the work surface and place a cut paper strip along the center
  • Fold extra length inside the bowl and stick with glue

Step 3: Apply Paper Strips

  • Continue to apply paper strips along the center and stick the edges inside.
  • Here I have added 16 strips of paper on the bowl which formed 32 stakes and formed the skeleton of the basket

Step 4: How to Start Weaving

  • Take one strip of paper and weave in an above and below pattern
  • Once the strip is oven on three or four stakes, align the edge from which we started and stick with glue
  • Continue to weave all around. Once the weave reaches the starting point, apply glue and trim excess
  • Since our stakes are in even numbers, we have to weave each strip individually alternating in an above and below pattern with respect to the adjacent weave

Step 5: Continue Weaving

  • Add strips of paper and continue weaving
  • Make sure that the above and below pattern is alternating with respect to the adjacent weave.
  • Here one strip of 11 " long paper is enough for one round till you reach the wider end of bowl

Step 6: Join Strips for Weaving at Wider End

  • A single strip of paper may not be sufficient when you reach the wider end of bowl
  • Join two strips together with glue to form longer strips
  • Continue weaving till you reach the edge of the bowl

Step 7: Cut Strips and Free From Bowl

  • Once you completed the weaving, cut top of each strip with a knife
  • Using a long needle gently press and release the basket from the bowl
  • Be very gentle, as the basket might have stuck to the bowl by excess glue
  • You can see the basket released from the bowl in the last picture

Step 8: Fold Edges and Glue

  • Now you may find that the excess length of stakes protruding above the basket
  • Fold them inside or out side as per the weaved pattern
  • Apply little amount of glue and stick to make an even top edge

The last two pictures show the finished basket

Step 9: Clean the Bowl

  • Your mom may scold you for sticking strips of paper inside the bowl all around
  • Do not worry, the synthetic resin adhesive we used is water soluble.
  • Fill the bowl with water and allow to soak for 10 to 15 minutes and clean the bowl

Step 10: The Finished Paper Basket

  • Here are few pictures of the finished paper basket. You can use the basket for arranging flowers or for keeping small items in it

Hope you will like it

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    2 years ago

    This would be a really fun kids' craft :)