Weber Grill Table

Introduction: Weber Grill Table

You'll need
1/2" electrical conduit
1/2" conduit straps
Screws for straps
Two pieces of wood 13"x24" depending on your grill size and table size desires

Step 1: The Assembly.

The pictures say 1000 words. Trace the lid of grill on to your wood to get your curve. Mine was about 22". Weber does make smaller grills. I bisected two pieces of wood together to make my 13" x 24" side tables. 1/2" electrical conduit and straps are used to assemble as shown. It becomes adjustable if you want to slide the wood along the conduit. The straps along the curve fix it to the grill.

Step 2: Installation

Position one of the tables centered over the grill handle as shown. This is a picture from underneath. I used two more straps to secure it so I can lift the table to move the grill. Adjust the wood along the conduit until the lid will close and seal. You might need to re trim the wood a little to get a factory fit.

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Thanks for sending the pic

:) that's really what I do too

Great idea.
Normally I turn my weber upside down over the trash to empty ashes.
I'm thinking it might be good to find a way to remove your table wings
for ash dumping.
Can somebody think of a way?

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I just use the pan under the grill to dump mine. If you move the air vents back and forth rapidly the ashes will be in the pan. Don't have to lift the grill at all.

Yeah wing nuts where it attaches to the handle or don't attach to the handle and just be sure to lift by the handle and not the top when you move it. Either way its been working out great for me.

My lid closes tight like factory. The 1/2" conduit sits below the seal. Build it like his and you can remove the top without a screwdriver to dump. Build it like mine you can move the grill by lifting the table. I keep my grill under a overhang so it needs to be moved often. He flips his upside down to clean / I use the air lever on the bottom to scoop the ash into the pan. I'm happy with the seal with either design. However I like that his wood is nicer. I am going to upgrade my wood. This was a proto type just to see if it would even work. I made it at work. Brought it home and made the instrucable. It would be mint if I had made it at home. I've spent $0 on this proto type. The wood is even recycled. Conduit was scrap pieces we had. Post your pictures when done if you make one. It makes my day :)

I like Newmey's idea of keeping that handle functional. However, with the conduit resting on top of the handle, the entire assembly is raised too high for the lid to close. At least it looks like that will be the problem on my 22 and it looks like you can see it in his pic also. With the conduit, there will be an extra ~3/4" (1/2" conduit is .706" outer diameter) on top of the handle. If you look at the distance between the handle and the lip of the grill, there won't be enough room for a piece of conduit that is almost 3/4" outside diameter. Then you have the problem of the wood being mounted on TOP of that. So the wood ends up being too high on the front half of the grill, and your installed conduit straps would be raised up also, preventing the lid from closing. Although Newmey's looks like it may not be a 22, it seems to pose the same problem. Need to find a way to get around that handle if you want the handle to be functional. Any ideas?

I just noticed how you orientated your table via the handle. It solves Ricardo's problem in the earlier post/comment. You didn't attach the table to the top, you can still use your handle to roll the grill and yet remove the top without tools to dump if you turn over the entire grill to clean. Now the design is ready for weber to roll out lol'

I too am very pleased with it. Going to redo my wood with something nicer. Yours looks great / you raised the bar :)

Awesome idea! I liked it so much I built a version for my brother's birthday. I stained it ebony, added 4 coats of polyurethane for weather resistance and added some hooks for tools.

How good of a seal does the lid get with all the conduit straps hanging on the edge?

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Undetectable difference. I think the factory space is enough to house the straps without any interference or modifications.