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About: I'm 13 and love life! I have a room in my basement and do tons of projects there.

My sister is getting married just soon and asked me to make a sign for her outdoor reception, preferably an arrow to show you which ay to go to get there since it was in the woods. I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: What Are You Going to Need

your not going to need a lot it was a very simple build. all you need is..

- piece of scrap wood ( I got mine form an old coffee table, if you get yours form a place like that your going to want to make sure you sand it so no varnish or polyurethane is on.)

- drawing or template of an arrow

- jigsaw or skill saw

- I used a belt sander to make it easier but you can just use sandpaper to

- two colors of paint

- two paintbrushes one small and one big

- a lucky couple just getting married (:

Step 2: Drawing and Cutting

Draw your template onto the piece of wood and cut it out. Once your done its a good idea to sand the edges.

Step 3: Paint It

To paint it I used a large flat paintbrush and a dark blue paint science that was her color but any color will work even stain. Once it dries paint with your small brush the initials or whole name if you feel like it.

Step 4: Your Done!!

Your done !! and now all you need to do is find a nice spot to put it, I hopped you liked the tutorial and plan to make more soon (:



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    2 years ago

    Simple yet elegant :)


    2 years ago

    Great project!! I recently did a few of these as well. They are a fun and simple project

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    thank, I hope if it was a wedding you had a good time.


    Great wedding decorations. Things like this would also make great home decorations for the couple after the wedding.