Wedding Cake Egg Topper





Introduction: Wedding Cake Egg Topper

This beautiful egg was created for a friend's wedding cake topper. Most of the decorative supplies were obtained at a craft store in the wedding section.

The couple inside the egg is porcelain. They can be seen thru a heart-shaped cutout in the front and back of the egg. The eggshell is a real rhea egg. The inside and outside have been glittered and resined.

Four glittered doves on top of the egg represent the four white doves that were released at the wedding. The base is not attached to the egg. It only protects the egg while it is on the cake

Pearl trim and accents are faux except for one. The center front pearl directly above the couple is genuine. It originally was a single earring that belonged to the bride's great-grandmother. The other earring had been lost over the years and it was the bride's idea to use the keepsake in this way. What a great heirloom made even better!



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    WONDERFUL!! I used to do psanky egg decorating... and tried to cut eggs and failed. This is GORGEOUS and Beautiful!!!
    I love how you can make it specific for each couple.
    If someone did a butterfly release you could put butterflies on it.
    How did you ever cut this out so accurately?
    Thanks for the Enjoyable time viewing your art,

    Outstanding egg!It's just amazing!It's my gosh,it's so good I can't even explain it.It's just BAM! right in your face when you look at it.Wow,just WOW.No.More than wow.It's so good i need to make up a new word for it!!You should put that in a museum for $10,000!Ok,am I saying too much?Sorry,it's just that it's so amazing!I would give that first place for the egg contest!Again,OUTSTANDING!!

    Congratulations on being a Finalist. My Best Wishes to you. Carole B.

    Really gorgeous! This makes me want to get a divorce and marry someone else -- just for the cake and topper! Beautiful! Sheryl

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    This is truly beautiful. It's always good to see something every now and then that just makes you stop, stare and just say "Wow." An idea: (not that I don't think it's not gorgeous enough as it is) but you could have had the fake pearls slightly smaller than the real one (like 1-2mm's if your American that's about slightly less than a 16th of an inch)so that the real pearl stood out. The pearl idea from the bride's great grandmother is simply amazing.