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Introduction: Wedding Card Box

This is a wedding card box I made for my best friend (I was his best man). He got married last summer and I'm just getting around to writing this instructable. It's made from maple and has a Batman themed side (for the groom) and a Hogwarts themed side (for the bride).

Step 1: The Wood

Picked up this 12' maple board from my local lumber yard. It was 4/4 and 12" wide. They only sell S4S (surfaced 4 sides) so the board ran me $80 as S4S is a premium charge. It had a darker streak in it but that's ok because it gave Gotham and Hogwarts a gloomier look.

Step 2: The Design

I made a quick 3D model the get a feel for size. Next, I had to find the images I wanted to engrave. I found some images online but they needed some tweaking. I traced them in Adobe Illustrator and then added the Bat Signal to Gotham.

Step 3: Construction

I began by cutting the pieces a little heavy (about 3/4") and stacking them in the shape I wanted. I aligned the grain so it would flow together. I then cut the miters for the corners and rabbeted the bottom for the removable bottom. I then laid the pieces in order in preparation for gluing. I used bar clamps but the boards were cupping so I added a ratchet strap and some quick clamps.

Step 4: Contruction Part 2

After gluing the sides together, I custom cut the top piece so it fit perfectly and then cut the slot on the CNC Router. I then glued it in place. Next, I rounded the edges over on the router table. Then a lot of sanding.

Step 5: Finishing

After sanding to 220 grit, it was time to finish it. I used Deft Brushing Lacquer for the first few coats, sanding between coats with steel wool. For the final coats I used Deft Spray Lacquer to get a smoother finish.

Step 6: Laser Engraving and Done

I masked off the box with extra wide masking tape to prevent residue on the non-engraved sections. After engraving on our Epilog Fusion 40-watt, I had to weed (peel off) the masking tape. Notice all the little windows and openings in Hogwarts; it takes forever to remove all those little pieces (and leaves your fingers stained for days). After everything was done, I wrapped it in 2 layers of bubble wrap for the 4 hour drive to the wedding.



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    1 year ago

    I have a large bed LASER engraver and you could have LASER'ed it without the tape and then used a little cleaner to wipe off any residue. I've done it both ways and the wipe seems easier to me. But try a scrap piece to see for yourself. Just an idea. Nice project though.

    Nice project! Thanks for the detailed write up.

    thank you for the guide and especially the tip on the masking tape I have not used a laser to date but I am looking at buying one soon

    1 reply

    Glad you liked it. Let me know if you have any questions on lasers. I would be happy to help/guide you!