Wedding Centerpiece

I am so in love with these handmade centerpieces! While searching on Pinterest for centerpiece ideas I came across the idea of using test tubes as mini vases. I LOVED it! The idea seemed like a perfect blend of science (my fiancé is an optical science major/nerd) and art (I am an art teacher).

I knew I wanted long tables for the reception so the original circle shaped test tube holder I liked wouldn't quite work plus it was outrageously expensive. Instead I found a long wooden inspired test tube holder I liked and decided to DIY it. My dad helped me out in building the wooden frame. I showed him my inspiration and he got to work building 12 of them. They are even better then the inspiration! I bought test tubes on Amazon and went to Hobby Lobby to find single flowers to place in the tubes and voila it was complete. A big thanks to my dad for helping my vision come to life!



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