Wedding Dress Napkins

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Fabric napkins can add a touch of elegance to any wedding reception. These wedding dress napkins are made from cotton fabric with lace trim and a paper bodice. I designed them myself. If you are on a budget but would like a classy wedding reception you can't go wrong with these napkins. They are quick, easy to make, and very inexpensive. Napkins can be expensive to buy and this is a good alternative to buying them.


Step 1: Supplies

Supplies listed are for one 18  (inch diameter circle)  wedding dress napkin.

1 20 Inch (double)  pre-washed  white cotton or linen fabric for the dress.
2 Yards of lace
(1) Small paper lace doily ( For the dress bodice )
Matching thread
Sewing machine
Iron/ ironing board
Seam ripper
Ruler or measuring tape
18 Inches  diameter circle pattern from cardboard
Marker to draw pattern
Small piece of cardboard ( for the bodice )

Step 2: Cutting Out the Dress

Make yourself a circle pattern out of cardboard measuring 18 inches in diameter.
Cut it out.
Mark the  fabric using the cardboard  pattern to cut 2 18 inch round shapes from fabric to make the napkin.
You are going to be making a lined round cloth napkin with a lace trim.

Step 3: Pinning in the Lace and Layers

Lay one circle with the right side facing you.
Pin lace around the outside edge of the circle with the ruffle facing the center of the cloth.
Lay the right side of the 2ND circle over the top of the lace and the bottom circle ( matching the outside edge as close as possible) and pin it to all the layers.
Mark an opening about 6 inches to allow for turning.

Step 4: Sewing the Layers

Allow a small seam and beginning with your mark sew around the napkin keeping the seams exactly the same and sew up to your 2ND mark.
Trim thread and carefully trim up to the seam all the way around the seam to make the napkin lay nice and flat.
Turn the napkin right side out.
Using a cloth over the napkin,  iron the seam to prevent the lace from getting too hot. .
Turn the raw edges towards the center between the napkin layers.
Iron and pin into place.
Sew the outside edge all the way around to make a nice finished seam.
Trim the threads.
Press the napkin using a cloth over the fabric to protect the lace.


Step 5: Fold the Napkin

Fold the napkin almost in half leaving a small ruffled border.
Fold again as shown.
And again.
Fold the top point down towards the back to make a nice slim waist-line.
It might take you a few times to find the perfect fold. It does take practice.

Step 6: The Bodice

For the bodice I cut out a paper heart several times until I had the desired shape when laid under the waist of the dress.
Then I cut off the pointed end.
I cut two pieces of white cardboard so the front and back of the bodice would be white and glued them together.
I cut out the same shape from the lace doily and glued it to one side of the cardboard bodice.
Insert the bodice in the dress and mark where you want the small rose. 
Remove the bodice from the dress and glue the rose to the bodice and let it dry. 
After it is dry insert the bodice in the waist of the dress.
You are finished!

Step 7: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts.

My son is getting married around the first of the year.  They are wanting a simple wedding with a nice reception but do not want to go in debt with economy concerns.  I am making these napkins for their reception and making the decorations.  The wedding dress napkins placed in the center of a plate will be elegant and add a touch of class to the reception without breaking their budget. 

I hope anyone who makes these will share their pictures so others may see how beautiful they are.  After the wedding I will post pictures of the reception decorations. 

Thank you for visiting.  Have a beautiful day!   



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    Voting is over but thanks anyway! Thanks for sharing your comment. Have a great day!


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    I voted for yours as well. I really want to make one! Thanks! Your entry certainly is amazing. I appreciate your vote and comment. I have a pretty kewl one in the making! It has been soooooooooooo fun.


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    Very. I actually dream all night long every single night about what all I can make. This has never happened to me before. I just enjoy it so much it is almost an obsession. I was telling my hubby about your recent entry. So pretty!


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    Thanks for the compliment. And may you have ever more energy to keep up with all the ideas that come.


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    These would also make nice embellishments for a bridal gift.