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Introduction: Wedding / Event Photobooth

Hi everybody,

I got married last year, when we're looking for preparation of the D-day, we went on a lot of wedding conventions.

On every convention there is a Photobooth renter, I thought that a photobooth was a great idee for a wedding, each guest could be have fun with it and could leave the wedding with a memory of the party.

I was told to my future wife: "I have almost everything I need to make a photobooth at home, I will do that !".

So here you will find how to make a Photobooth for your wedding or another event.

Since the wedding we lent it to friends for various events (birthday party, baptism...), so fun.

Step 1: All What You Need

This is the list of all what I need to do my Photobooth:

  • 1 Raspberry pi (for me Raspberry 1 model B because I've got it before but you can take a newer version)
  • 1 SD Card for the raspberry
  • 1 micro USB cable + power adapter 5V and 2A (to power raspberry)
  • 1 Camera module for raspberry
  • 1 USB Hub powered
  • 1 photo printer compatible with raspbian (for me HP Photosmart 475)
  • 1 massive arcade button 100mm with led
  • 1 12v transformer for button led
  • 1 PC screen (if it's not an HDMI screen you will need an HDMI adapter to plug to Raspberry)
  • 3 spotlights with transformer
  • 1 desk grommet of 80mm to fix the camera module
  • Pieces of wood to make the box
  • All decoration you want to embellish your Photobooth (for me pink wallpaper).

Step 2: Prepare Your Raspberry Pi

First of all you have to prepare your Raspberry pi and test all your installation with the program (I will give you my program don't worry ;)).

1. Load the OS of Raspberry pi into the SD card => Raspbian (Linux OS for Raspberry)

From your computer (windows / mac / linux):

  • Download Raspbian with desktop from this page:
  • Download Etcher and install it from this page:
  • Connect an SD card reader with the SD card inside.
  • Open Etcher and select from your hard drive the Raspberry Pi .img or .zip file you wish to write to the SD card.
  • Select the SD card you wish to write your image to.
  • Review your selections and click 'Flash!' to begin writing data to the SD card.

You can find more information on this page:

2. Enable Camera module

To enable the camera module there is a little configuration to do:

3. Prepare Raspbian with all librairies you need

Step 3: Wire Arcade Button on Raspberry Pi

On my program, I set the button on the GPIO Pin 25 of the raspberry pi 1 model B

Step 4: Import Program From Github

You will find program on Github:

The code is in file, you will need the images folder for the main wallpaper of the photobooth.

On the code you can change the path of the folder where pictures will be saved.

To run it you just have to launch a terminal, navagate to the program folder and type "sudo python"

If you want to test it without a button wire on GPIO Pin 25 of the raspberry, you can push down arrow of your keyboard.

Finally, I wanted to run the program at startup of the raspberry pi so I followed this tuto

The script which launch at startup is on the Github:

Step 5: Make the Box

You will find here all step of construction of the box

Step 6: Demo



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    35 Discussions

    You can use my code but you have to modify it just a little bit to remove the printing part (remove from line 354 to line 392). Pictures will be saved on the raspberry pi.

    hello where are they registered? and how are the photos recovered when the script is launched?


    Awesome tutorial for an awesome project.

    Just one point to add, you forget to put the information to install cups for python.

    You put the tutorial for installing cups on the raspi in general.

    But if you not install it for python, you will have the error that you see in some of the comments.

    Just use the commande sudo apt-get python-cups and all will be fine.

    I made it, just the camera modul which seems have a failure, but it's really great.

    Thanks for all.

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    My button doesn't work?
    Also when I use the arrow key to try printing. The whole thing freezes and I have to restart the pi.

    Any ideas?

    hi , i have a problem with install when i try run : sudo python then i have :
    pi@raspberrypi:~/Downloads/photoboothdiy-master $ sudo python
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 6, in <module>
    import cups
    ImportError: No module named cups

    Can you help me ?

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    I had the same problem resolved with the command sudo apt-get python-cups

    because you need to install cups for python.

    hope this helps if you didn't find the answer

    Hi MariuszC4 ,
    I think you Forgot to install CUPS on your raspberry. It is explain on step 2 how to install it.

    I've followed all the instructions and installed cups but I get an error saying cups module not found when i run the file. I've copied and pasted the error message below.

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "", line 6, in <module>

    import Cups

    ImportError: No module named Cups

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    No it's definitely not that as I said in my post I've installed cups. I've used cups to test the printer. But it's not recognising cups when running the code in terminal.


    I had the same problem resolved with the command sudo apt-get python-cups

    because you need to install cups for python.

    hope this helps if you didn't find the answer


    I think you Forgot to install CUPS on your raspberry. It is explain on step 2 how to install it.


    Question 26 days ago

    I keep receiving the error...
    ImportError: No module named cups

    Any tips on how to resolve this?

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    Fixed by reinstalling raspian and making sure pip3, and the pycups were the first things that I installed.


    Question 26 days ago

    The photobooth module crashes when I go to press the button to print and nothing is sent to my printer. Do i need to make a configuration?

    So cool I was looking for a similar project, and I stumbed on yours. This is very affordable one too, so I think I'm going to try it too.

    I have 2 question

    for the print design, you can make your own right?

    and from pressing the button to printing it will be all automatic?

    I better start to gather all the stuff needed


    Question 6 weeks ago


    You did a very good job with this!

    I have question regarding the box, can you give me the dimensions you took for this ?

    Or better, can you share a pattern ? (maybe I ask too much ^^)


    The error i get is: if not is.path.isdir(imagefolder):
    Syntaxerror: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation

    Hope you can help.

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    Thank you! I will try it later today :)

    Ah ok, it's an indentation problem.
    Indeed, python is a language which work with indentations (tab), other languages works with brackets most of time but not python.

    So I've modified the file on Github, you can download it and retry, I think your problem will be solved with this new version of the file

    Best Regards