Wedding Favor Paper Boxes; No Glue Required

Introduction: Wedding Favor Paper Boxes; No Glue Required

Wedding showers are oodles of fun. The Bride opens tons of gifts from friends and famly. As the Bride don't you think it would be nice to give a gift to your guests? If so a cute handmade box stuffed with goodies would be great.

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Step 1: Pretty Little Paper

Start by Picking your favorite patterned square paper of any size. Than draw to diagnal lines through the middle of you paper.

Step 2: Fold the Corners

Then one by one, fold each corner into the middle of the page.

Step 3: Folding, Folding and More Folding

Unfold the corners from the step before. Then take one of the corners and bring it up to the top line of the opposite coner. Next fold the corners on the side inward. Unfold once more.

Step 4: Inner Corner Fold

After unfolding all of the paper. Take all four corners and fold them to the nearest line.

Step 5: Triming the Page

Unfold the page again. Take a pair of scissors and cut three squares in twice on oppostie sides.

Step 6: More Folding!!!

Take your newly cut paper and fold two opposite sides into the middle.

Then fold the outer edge of the corner inward.

Step 7: Almost Done!!

Take the pieces on the edges that have been cut fold them in.

Then Take the remaining pieces on both sides and fold them in, so the points meet.

Step 8: Presto!

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