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Introduction: Wedding Program/Favor CD or DVD

For our wedding, we combined the program and the favor into a cardboard folder case containing a mix CD that we created for our guests. Another idea would be to create a special movie, slideshow or film clip collection and burn a custom DVD.

Needed for this project:
Cardboard CD cases
Inkjet Sticker paper
CD Labels
Cardstock or heavy paper
Blank CDs
Photo Tape or Rubber cement
Paper cutter/trimmer
Publishing software (such as Adobe InDesign or MS Word)

Step 1: Prep

We also made our own invitations. We used the design elements/typefaces in those to put together the components of the CD program.

There are three main components that need to be set up:
  1. The disc case art/contents label
  2. The program to be attached to the case
  3. The CD/DVD and label

Step 2: The Case

For the cases we chose white cardboard sleeves.

Case art is all printed on sticker paper. For the exterior art we did a narrow decorative strip - this allowed us to print multiples on one sheet and save a bit on paper. Two music listing panels could fit on one sheet.

After printing, peel and stick to the cases.

Step 3: The Program

The program is a double-sided b/w print on inexpensive white card stock. After being trimmed and folded, the programs are glued into the sleeve with photo tape or rubber cement.

Step 4: The CD or DVD

Create a music playlist or movie and burn your CD or DVD. Set up your label design and print; attach the labels.

Step 5: The Finished Product

Distribute to guests before the ceremony! And, congratulations.

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    Do you worry about copyright infringement on the songs you distributed?