Wedding Seating Plans




Intro: Wedding Seating Plans

I have designed and made a series of seating plans that are themed for friends Weddings. 

I design the layout on 2D design software based on the theme of the wedding (this is the time consuming bit)

I use a clear acrylic and laser engrave and cut (in reverse) the design onto.

I use an opaque acrylic back to make the design more pronounced.

I attach a string of approx 30 strip surface mounted strip LED's along the bottom.

I solder the transformer on and cover the LED's using a plastic document binder.

These plans are really amazing and because they are the first thing that guests see as they go into the wedding venue. The designs are so eye catching and look even better as the evening arrives.

I enjoy making them and they take approx 5 hours each to make.



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    Well I used a cut but on an engraving speed. It looks better like this. An engrave doesn't pick up the light the same. . I invert the text so it is smooth on the outside.

    interesting, I'm going to be vector cutting some acrylic at engraving speed soon too, I'm trying to make some really detailed lines. do you think these cuts end up deeper than engraving cuts? seems like they might heat up the acrylic more