Wedding Table Centerpieces and Flowers

Introduction: Wedding Table Centerpieces and Flowers

In this Instructable i will show you how to create beautiful table centerpieces and flower arrangements without spending a ton of cash.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces Table Decor - Budget Wedding
Overview: We wanted to have a nice wedding with 125-135 guests on a $14,000 max budget, so we had to plan and do most it ourselves.

I spent less than 600 total on wedding flowers and centerpieces. This is a recreation of how I made my own. I contacted the local florists and to order fresh flowers my aunt helped to do them the night before. I figured with about 8$ worth of flowers per centerpiece , 8$ per vase, 10$ for water beads, $5 for embellishments and about 6$ in feathers per centerpiece and 10$ worth of lights total my budget came under the total figure. This was enough to also do the corsets, bouquet and all my girls pieces as well.

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Step 1: Materials Used

Materials: Materials:

Basic Craft Materials:
Adhesives, E600 is what I use
Hot glue

Feathers -

Vases - Check thrift stores, dollar stores or online to save money

FLowers Fresh or fake

Fill- water beads, glass pieces, fiber fill, or sand

Water submersible led lights or led string lights optional

Step 2: Fill Vases With Base Material

Fill vase with ¼ water beads, sand, glass beads, or whatever filler material you choose

Step 3: Arrange Flowers, Vines, and Feathers

Take your flowers and vines then arrange in vase to your liking. Add
Feathers such as ostrich and peacock for extra flare!

Step 4: Fill Remainder of Base With Fill Material

Fill in the remainder of the vases with your chosen fill material.

Step 5: Embellish

Add embellishments if you like. I opted to add ribbon around the vases, as well as leds. In some I added string lights and other leds. If you use water beads as your fill you have the option of adding leds, string lights, throwies, etc into the mix and illuminate the beads in the vase.

Step 6: Finished Results

Step 7:

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