Wedding Table Setting



Introduction: Wedding Table Setting

A good table setting is remembered for a long time. So along with everything in your wedding, make this perfect as well!

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Step 1: Make the Menu Card

If you are having a large wedding with more than 50 guests, hand making each menu would be a difficult task. An easy hack is to make one on the computer and to print it out. Then with a marker, go over the words to purposely mess a few lines here and there. This will make them look handmade. Add a few doodles here and there to make them look that extra bit special.

Step 2: Make Name Cards

To making your seating plan a whole lot easier, place little name cards along with the table setting. Simply cut out a small piece of card. Write the persons name and decorate a bit. You cloud also write a special not on the back of each card.

Step 3: Make the Napkins

Another great idea to make the table setting an extra bit special is to hand dye your napkins. I used a Shibori dying technique. Fold your napkins in an accordion fold in one direction and repeat in the other direction. Secure the folds with a piece of plastic and a few rubber bands, and then dunk them in dye. I really like the end result.

Step 4: Fold Your Napkins

Place you napkins on a flat surface. Fold the bottom over, and the both the sides under. This will create a small pocket for the menu.

Step 5: Bring It All Together

Place the menu in the pocket of the napkin. Secure the bottom with a piece of twine and tie the name card with it.

Step 6: Set the Table

Take a square napkin and let it hang off the edge of the table. Place the smaller plate over the larger one and set the cutlery appropriately. Place the napkin assembly over the plate. Add a few decoration pieces arounf the setting and you are done!

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