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Intro: Weed Trimmer Trigger Quick Fix.

I really hate it when things break that don't need to.  I've had a few triggers break on weed wackers. I went to order a new trigger for one weed wacker and the company wanted $8 for the part. It is probably a 10cent piece! Inferior parts and programmed obsolescence are an inevitable consequence of capitalism. So we as consumers either fix things or waste money buying more stuff. I prefer the former.

Here is a quick fix for a broken weed trimmer trigger. I initially did this while on a job with just a pocket knife and tie wrap. These photos are from redoing the trigger to make it neater. My initial fix was kind of rough.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Tie wrap
key chain ring

Tools :
- screwdriver
- drill or awl
- something to cut the tie wrap.

Really you don't need all those tools, they just make things easier and neater. This fix can easily be done with a pocket knife. 

Step 2: Disassemble the Handle.

Disassemble the handle and remove the broken trigger.

On my weed trimmer I just needed to remove six flat head screws. There is no trigger shown in this picture since it has already been removed.

Step 3: Attach Key Ring

Attach the key ring to the zip tie. My initial fix I didn't have a key ring. I just put the end of the zip tie between my fingers and pulled it. Making a ring with the zip tie will not work. It will close on your finger.

Step 4: 'measure' Where to Cut.

Put the zip tie in place in the handle. Align the cable to the zip tie to determine where to drill and cut the zip tie.

Step 5: Drill, Cut and Attach.

Drill the hole in the zip tie and cut off the excess. Feed the connection to the cable through the hole on the zip tie. Put the zip tie tie in place in the handle.

Optional steps:
Modify handle: If you don't plan to get another trigger you can remove the plastic piece next to where the trigger would sit. (see image) Removing this gives more room for the cable connection to be pulled around there. Do not remove the cylindrical piece, this is needed as a pulley of sorts for the tie wrap and it also is where the handle screws together.

duct it: You may want to wrap a small piece of duct tape around where the zip tie and cable connect to make sure they stay connected. I did this but it probably isn't necessary. Using too much tape may make your pull trigger not work as well.

Step 6: Reassemble Handle

Reassemble the handle.

Have a moment of pride with your fix.

Now get back to work!



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3 Discussions


4 years ago on Step 6

I'm going to try this out on my weed eater when I get it back from my Dad. It still has part of the trigger mechanism and can be used but the plastic is rough on your fingers so It needs to be replaced or modified.

1 reply
Todd GehrisDoctorEvil30564

Reply 4 years ago on Step 6

That is how mine was. The trigger got caught on something when I pulled the trimmer out of my vehicle. The fix worked, used it all year this way, so that's all that matters. Glad if someone can find this useful.

Todd Gehris

5 years ago on Step 6

This fix is still working fantastic. I have been using this weed whacker this way for a year with no problems.