Weeds Kimchi

This is not The Weed Kimchi, but if you have a recipe, contact me... and I'll... I'll repport on you to police... yeah!

This tutorial is inspired by WILD KIMCHIinstructable by Justin Tyler Tate. And, honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing. I mean I did my best to ensure that the plants are eadible and after eating a jar of these kimchi I'm still alive, so I did good here. But I'm not sure how legit this thing as a propper kimchi. Anyway, it tastes good and you won't die. What else can you ask from food.

Step 1:

As main ingredients I used three kinds of plants. All of them are concidered being garden weeds and usualy people tend to get rid of them. That's, generaly a good idea but you can also eat them, so you can get rid of them by eating them, which is king of great.

If some of plants are not available at your region, feel free to substitute it with something else. But, please, make sure that the plant you're using is in fact eadible and you did everithing to ensure that you identified it correctly.

The plant on the first photo is Amaranth . Leaves of this plant are eadible and have rather blend but yet pleasant taste. Seeds of amaranth are eadible too and in some countries this plant is grown for the grain.

Chenopodium album on the second picture. In my country we call it Loboda. It's leaves are rich on protein and during WWII food shortages this plant was widely used by people as a food souce.

Oxalis or sourgrass is third. It has fresh pleasant sour taste and as a kid I ate it ocasionaly when was staing at the village. It's slightelly toxic though in large quantities, so don't try to substitute all your food with it. Also I have an instructable on how to make refreshing fermented kvas beverage with it, so check it up if you're interested.

There's a lot of other plants that are perfectly eadible yet are not well known as such. If you search for it on internet you'll find a lot of info.

Anyway, when gathering your plants aim for younger fresher parts. Don't gather plants near the roadways.

Step 2:

After gathering the plants I washed them and pulled the leaves from stems.

And now welcome to the Eyeballing Street of the Waldemar Cooks town! I didn't use any particular recipe and I wasn't doing any weightings whatsoever. But, the thing is this is the way to go at some ocasions. If it's not ok for you and you want some more certainty in your life, just google for kimchi recipe and you'll get a bunch of what you want in no time. Here's one from Maangchi for example.

But if you decided to go to the What the Hell Am I doing alley of Waldemar Cooks town with me, add from two to three table spoons of salt to your weeds. You can kind of judge, how much I've gathered from the picture. Then Pour 2-3 glasses of water and mix everithing.

Leave your weed for few (minimum 2) hours. Mix everything ocasionally

Then. drain the water.

Step 3:

All kimchi recipes call for red pepper flakes. Any pepper flakes I found at markets were from vietnamese pepper (IDK, its what was written on the package). I used ne pack of 15 grams.

Step 4:

One garlic head of garlic. Minced.

Step 5:

A reasonable chunk of ginger. Minced.

Step 6:

2-3 spoons of sugar.

Step 7:

Sesami seeds. Preferably roasted, but I'm lazy.

Step 8:

Most of kimchi recipes call for adding a fish souce. I wasn't able to find anything like it, so I just used some soy souce I had in the fridge.

Step 9:

Pack the whole stuff you made into a jar or plastic container and leave it for atleast one (up to few) day/s to ferment. Mine didn't ferment for some reason... or I just didn't notice.

After that you can store your kimchi in the fridge.

Step 10:

I never ate a legit kimchi so I have no idea about what the hell I made. It tastes fine though. Quiet chewy, so if it's your thing, it's good. It goes well with different dishes, and first time I tryed it with boiled potatoes. It was good.

This is it for now. Thanks for your attention, and my appologize to all native Korean people reading this.

Also, here's me on facebook.

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    10 Discussions

    Waldemar Sha

    Tip 11 months ago on Step 10

    Неу, Wal, seems like not much people like your tutorial. Maybe, you shouldn't make jokes about weed and death.

    6 replies
    RCEMWaldemar Sha

    Reply 11 months ago

    Did you write these comments after eating the kimchi? ;)


    11 months ago

    This is a great idea! I want to go foraging now. :)


    11 months ago

    Traditionally kimchi is fermented for 2-3 days in a cool place. (It was packed into the jar and buried in the ground!) I've never made it but I did spend a year in Korea so I've seen it being made. Personally I didn't like it, but not everyone does. :)

    1 reply
    Waldemar ShaDr4gnzFly

    Reply 11 months ago

    I actually wathed a few videos on making kimchi before starting this. I implemented everything that was common between them. Thanks for the responce.