Weekend Home Makeover ( Pt 6. Odds and Ends)

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Keep up. I'm not going into depth with these instructables! Time is of the essence! Check out all 6 to see how the transformation went.

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Step 1: Back Splash

We put in a new vanity, toilet and mirror but it needed something more. So we added a backsplash by gluing bargain stone to the wall with construction adhesive.

Step 2: New Hardware

New door handles and hindges.

Step 3: New Doors

New Doors for the handles!

Step 4: Vents

New vents and blinds threw out the house.

Step 5: Lights

New lights

Step 6: Clean

Some heavy cleaning and it's ready for a new owner or just for you to move your stuff back in and enjoy your newly renovated home.

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    And remember that when you're painting, do the trim first ( base, casings, etc. ) and then cut in the walls against the trim so that you can roll quickly. Put masking tape on your base top so that splatter won't fall onto your beautifully painted base.

    3 replies
    Withered Perceptionmrblixxx

    Reply 3 years ago

    Wife painted trim separately outside while I did the walls and celing with a spray gun. then just nailed and calked and on to the next project...

    mrblixxxWithered Perception

    Reply 3 years ago

    In new construction you sort of can get away with that or if you've taken all the trim off but most people will not do that in their lifetime. also, most water based caulks will not maintain their color over time or their integrity unless painted over. Personally I installed new trim, caulked and then sprayed for full effect and then would cut in the walls but have also sprayed walls and ceilings and then installed trim but usually would have to do touch-up after because the walls would get nicked by installing the trim.

    Withered Perceptionmrblixxx

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yeah I just went with DAP acrylic calk and did all my pre cuts and took the baseboard outside to be painted while I painted the walls and ceiling. once I was done I slapped the baseboard on called did a quick touch up and moved onto a new project.