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Introduction: Weekend Project: a Forest Dragon

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Base on a paper model free downloaded from Furukawa21 website, I made a forest dragon from 0.6 mm brass sheet.

So, what you need to do it ?

- A jeweler's saw.

- 0.4 - 0.5 mm brass sheet (format A4)

- Pliers for folding

- Gas torch for annealing brass.

- Hammer and some custom punches from nails.

1. Download pattern from the page, print and glue on the brass sheet.

2. Cut the pattern out with jeweler's saw.

3. Use hammer and punches to give texture to your dragon.

4. Use pliers for folding the mountain and valley fold as show in the instruction of the model (use gas torch to soften the folds before folding).

5. Retouch, give your dragon a patina if needed.

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading.



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    The texturing on that is AMAZING!

    Did you do any kind of sealing or preservative? Or are you going to let the brass do it's thing and go verdigris and shiny brass where people will be petting it? (think like any statue of Abraham Lincoln, or horses nuts in a public park sculpture)

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    Hi Ironsmiter,

    I'm gonna give it a black patina ( I do love black dragon) and I'm also making for it a tiny leather saddle. Thanks for your comment.

    Could you give the link to the pattern? I am trying to find it using Google, but not succeeding so far.

    Thank you.

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    I THINK the direct link to the page is here


    to save you time, scrolling through translated pages of linked papercraft.

    To quote from the site

    "Copyright basically paper belong to Furukawa and studio nozzle.

    Customers secondary processing in the category of personal enjoyment, the public, etc. is free.
    However, if you want to use as follows: Please note.
    ○ companies, organizations to be used for commercial purposes please refrain.
    ○ (such as catalogs, flyers, business cards) secondary processing for commercial purposes, please contact our regard, such as manufacturing and sales."

    For now, the pattern is a freely linked download.

    I gave that link with intention to show there are also a lot of different patterns to download. Thank you for your help :)