Weekend Red Lip Glam

Introduction: Weekend Red Lip Glam

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This is the perfect easy weekend glam makeup look. As its the weekend you can always go a little over the top and adding a red lip with simple eyes is just the easiest way.

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Step 1:

First you want to fill in your brows and then go around it with some concealer to help carve them out and make them look perfect.

Step 2:

Then with some liquid highlighter you want to apply this on the highest points of the face. So apply this to the top of the cheeks, forehead, nose and cupids bow. Blend this out with a brush and then go over your full face with a foundation making sure to take it down the neck and the ears.

Step 3:

Then with concealer apply this to the bridge of the nose, chin, under eyes and forehead and blend this out with a beauty blender. You want to then set your concealer with loose powder.

Step 4:

Then with bronzer apply this to the hollows of the cheeks, jawline, hairline and the nose.

Step 5:

With some light pink champagne shimmer shadow apply this to the lid and apply some bronzer to the crease. To deepen up the crease a little apply a darker brown shade on the outer part of the eye.

Step 6:

Then with some illuminating pink blush to the apples of the cheeks.

Step 7:

With a light shimmer shadow you want to use this to highlight. So apply this to the highest points of the cheeks, inner corner, brow bone and cupids bow. Then go over it with some more highlighter.

Step 8:

Pop on some red gloss.

Step 9:

Finally apply some mascara and some false lashes.

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