Weekly Project: Hottie Hoodie--Be a Walking a Weather Station

Small digital thermometers that can be stuck on a window are great for monitoring outdoor temperatures. They can also be easily adapted to a more mobile lifestyle. In fact, with just a few simple modifications, you can convert any garment into a fashionable weather station.

Whether you wear your own temperature on your sleeve or proudly display the ambient temps around your hot body for others to enjoy, a Hottie Hoodie can quickly tell you what you probably already know, that "it's cold as ice" outside today.

While the temperatures depicted by the Hottie Hoodie might not be 100% accurate due to emissive thermal radiation from dark and light fabric colors, at least you'll never be a foreigner to the weather around you, again.

Step 1: How to Make Your Own Hottie Hoodie

Time: 1 hour
Price: $23
Difficulty: Easy

Parts List

  • Old Navy Hoodie ($15)
  • Outdoor Digital Window Thermometer ($5; Lowe's Home Center #127453)
  • Velcro Brand Sticky Back Tape 3-feet x 3/4-inch ($3; craft center)

Step 2: Test It on a Blue Morning, Blue Day

Before you disassemble the digital thermometer, make sure that it is working correctly. Turn the unit on and check the displayed temperature. If the thermometer doesn't display an accurate temperature, you might need to replace the battery. You can test the battery in the next step.

Step 3: Open Up You Sweet, Sweet Thing

Remove the two screws that hold the outside case together. Slide the top screen portion out of the base. You can discard the base and suction cup.

The thermometer's printed circuit board (PCB) is attached to this screen. A couple of blobs of glue hold the top case and screen together. Carefully separate these two pieces with a sharp knife. Discard the top case.

In order to use this thermometer with dark clothing, you will need to cut a piece of white paper and insert it into the back of the screen. Carefully pull the PCB and liquid crystal display (LCD) out of the screen and slip the paper into place. Now return the PCB and LCD.

Fix the LCD and PCB to the screen with two extremely small drops of cyanoacrylate glue.

Step 4: Don't Be a Little Bit Shy

The thermometer is ready to be attached to your garment. Velcro Brand Sticky Back Tape is used for binding the thermometer to the hoodie. There are two fastening pieces with Velcro Brand tape: hooks (e.g., hard) and loops (e.g., soft).

Cut a short length of both hook and loop tape approximately 1/2-inch long. Peel off the backing and adhere the loop portion to the back of the thermometer's PCB.

Fasten the hook portion of the Velcro Brand tape to the inside of the hoodie. Slip the hoodie on, attach the thermometer, and check the temp.

Step 5: Check for Double Vision

If you'd like to portray your true inner human warmth rather than outside temps, you can carefully bend the thermistor on the thermometer's PCB inward so that it is close to your skin. Everyone will now know that you’re hot blooded and they'll be able to check it and see that you got a fever of a hundred and three.



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    I like this. very nice! I don't know if it's going to make my days any happier simply because I know the temperature, but it's sure to catch other's attention...

    I can see it now, someone is going to forget to take the thermometer off and is going to wash their hoodie..... Genius. _

    nice. kinda on the pointless side, but nice.

    1 reply