Weeping Angel Dr. Who

This Halloween my 15 yr. old daughter wanted to be a Weeping Angel from popular show Dr. Who....(inspiration first picture)
Here's the summarized instruction of how we did it.

1. We bought the dress from Goodwill...I put elestic around the waist since it was too big for her...
then...we bought the ring from craft store...Hobby Lobby enough to fit her...attached the ring at the bottom of her dress...made small wrinkly stiches.....and spray paint it gray... 

2. We cut up the styro foam board and made a paper mache wings...sorry I forgot to take picture...and attahced it to backpack...
made a hole in back of her dress...so she can carry the wings...

3. we bought a mask at craft store...paper mache to make it look a little scary ( we used flour and water for paper mache)....spary paint it....

4. The hair was made of yarn...we cut the panty hose and use the crotch to form her head and hot glue gun it..while wearing the mask...Yes...it is hot...OUCH!...you can have the person wear baseball cup under so it will not be too hot...my daughter was wearing a shower cup under the panty house crotch.

5. her arms...we didn't have money to spray paint her arms...so the legs for the panty hose we use it for her arms...sprayed paint gray and i cut and sewed accordingly to her fingers....glued fake nails and paint it gray nail polish. You can do the same thing for the feet. But since we didnt have enough time to do it...we were not able to do her toes....we did this in the matter of overnight...




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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I'm not even a Dr.Who, but this is really good! You took some time to make this look great, and it shows.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is great and has given me some fantastic ideas! Well done!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Got to love it, the Weeping Angels are up there with the Daleks and the Cybermen.

    I think this would have been better as a step-by-step, though.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    thanks...I didn't think of taking photos during the process...since we did this overnight...we started Friday (10/26) @ 9 pm until midnight for the wings and the mask to dry...then again Saturday (10/27) 9 am....until about 4 pm...just in time for the party. I tried to take pictures whenever I can....but was too busy trying to finished it up. I think, overall process since it's only few hours of work....and since mostly it's only my 2 teenager was working on it...I only helped if they needed me....the costume still turns out Great.

    thanks so much....