Weeping Angel




This is a weeping Angel I made, using clay to mold and finishing in Resin

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Step 1: Materials You Will Need:

1) molding clay

2) liquid Latex

3) Resin

4) Paint

Step 2:

I did alot of Sculpting, I used a picture of the internet to guide me.

Now to let you know, I am not a sculpter, I took a 6 week pottery course (1 hour P/W) about 20 years ago, do to be clear, I have NO skill at this.

Thekey here was using an oil based clay that is just for molding and does not dry, nor can it be cooked. the clay I used was Klean Klay

Step 3: Latex Mold

we now need to do the Latex mold, for this I had to seperate the wings and make seperate molds for th body, this took about 7 coats of latex to do

Step 4: Hard Cast

now we need to make a hard cast for the Latex to sit in, here I coated the Latex in Modrock (it wont stick to the LAtex. BUT you have to do half, then when its loosely dry (after an hour) then add Vaseline around the edge, you can then add Modrock to the second hald. this will allow you to take the cast off in 2 halves

tou will need to leave the cast to dry for about 24 hours to harden fully

Step 5: Resin

You can now remove the hard cast, and peel the Latex off the clay mold. you will lose the clay in the process, but that ok, its done its job.

Now place the Latec back into the Cast and tape around to keep it together, I used Duck Tape for this

I then made up a resin Mixture, I used Jesmonite, as its easy and harmless ( Fume free), but you could use anything, even plaster of Paris

After this is dry, I then removed the Cast, but had to gently cut the Latex Mold to not damage the Angel, I used a heated Stanley knife (heated under a gas stove) this cut through the Latex easily

Step 6: Final Step - Paint

Final part is to paint it, I used a Grey car spray, unfortunately it wasnt the right grey, but the beuty is you can alsways respray, I may do that one day. voila!!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you both, this is my first time of making something, and certainly my first time posting something on the web (that wasnt Facebook)!!

    I really appreciate your comments :) BTW its only about 12" tall, as its standing on my garden table, its an allusion (unintended) of being a statue!!

    I have a steampunk dalek underway at the mo, so looking forward to posting that soon


    1 year ago



    4 years ago on Introduction

    if you encuterd one couldent you smash its head with a hammer?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    how did you attatch the wings to the statue after pouring the resin?

    Dusk Shadows

    7 years ago on Introduction

    OMG! this is so scary i hate those things after i watched the episode i took me about a week to stop making myself not blick

    2 replies

    I have to keep watching, I can't blink or turn my back on it.
    Who can help me!?!?!?!?!?!?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Your a sick sick person.... I know several people including myself that if we saw this in a garden would cause us to loose all that toilet related controll it took us so long to get right!



    I love it :D

    8 replies

    If you've blinked it's too late to answer that. Lol

    Thank you biggsy for the link

    Hi teensy doodle, welcome to my dr who craft world, nice to meet you :)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    i second that. if my mum saw it she would keel over, out of all the aliens she is scared of this one lol we have two statues in our garden kind of like this but without the hands over the face and she looks out of the window one day and swore that it had moved lol she is not allowed to watch dr who againg haha