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This is a static prop of a weeping angel based on a real monument design.  This is a popular cemetery monument look that we wanted to duplicate.  The prop consists of a wood base covered in foam and a chicken wire and wood body covered in monster mud sheets with a foam head, arms, and carved foam wings.  The hair is done with paper towels and monster mud.  The entire prop is painted with exterior latex house paint (black base coat with light and dark grey detail painting).  

The head is a common female foam wig head.  The arms were purchased from Ghost Ride Productions as a custom order to have their stock foam rubber female arms cast in rigid foam.  We cut the left arm at the elbow and bent it 90 degrees and then used 2 part expanding foam to reattach it and sanded it out to look real.  We also cut the right hand at the wrist and bent it and reshaped it too.

The body is made with a simple 2x4 frame and then chicken wire attached to add form.  The chicken wire is covered in bubble wrap to hide the wire shapes.  We used a couple of flat cotton sheets and soaked them in a 4:1 mixture of drywall compound and exterior latex paint.  We then formed the dress around the body and let it dry.

The wings are made from 2" white rigid insulation that comes in 4'x8' sheets.  We layered the foam and then cut, sanded and shaped it.  We glued some wing feather shapes to it and others we carve out of the foam to create the right look.  We drilled 7/8" holes in the sides and inserted 1/2" PVC pipe and used 2 part expanding foam to secure them in place.  The PVC pipes are inserted into holes into the back of the body to hold the wings in place.

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    7 months ago

    Don't stare at the angels... Dr. Who.

    Wonderful!!! I'm wondering if you have the dimensions you used to build the altar?? Thanks!!

    if only i had a place to put her afterwards. this is awesome.

    Wow man you are exceptionally talented. It all looks amazing!

    Wow! Wow! I love it. Some how I don't think my strata council would allow me to have something like that in my from yard. I love it.

    Totally awesome! Looks great! and congrats on placing in the contest

    Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!

    An outstanding piece of work, as always! I've been a fan of the Davis Graveyard for many moons, and I've always admired the quality of the props you ladies & gent's bring to the table. I have yet to check your site this year, but it appears that the abbey facade made an encore? Imho, the best since Hallowed Haunting Grounds shuttered their gates. Very well done indeed!

    Nice job! This has really gotten my creative juices flowing! Your outcome looks fantastic. I do have a question, where do you store your props? Seriously tho wonderful work and if I can figure out where I would store this in the off season I would make one in a heartbeat! 5 starts and I voted for you good luck!

    Very nice Work!
    I kind of thought it was gonna be a DW Weeping Angel. I need an instuctable on that because I cant afford an official one especially with shipping from the UK, and I want one for my garden. But yours looks amazing!
    Obviously it is for halloween but would it last all year round , outside?

    1 reply

    Thanks...yes, the title is a bit misleading. Sorry not our intent.

    This would be fine outside all year round, but if it was going to get handled at all - I would recommend coating it with foam coat before you paint it.