Weight Driven Gate Closer

Introduction: Weight Driven Gate Closer

I wanted a simple way to automatically close my backyard gate so
the dogs would not wander out if the gate was left unlatched.

Video in step 6 shows actual operation.

Step 1: Weight Driven Gate Closer

Sketch shows basic logic, gate opens outward, clothes line brings pulley 1 to the left and raise 8lb weight.

Step 2: Weight Driven Gate Closer

Parts came from Lowes Home Improvement store, clothes line and rope section in Vancouver, WA, USA. Window sash weight (~ 5$) from Northwest Salvage in Vancouver, WA.

Step 3: Secure Clothes Line to Gate Hook.

Above is the inside view of the gate, latch on left, and gates swings outward. Large hook screwed into 2x4" scrap that was secured to the gate with 4 screws.

Step 4: Secure Sheave to Inside Gate Post

Sheave mounted on inside gate post so line will not bind on post when gate is opened.

Clothes line pulley is tied to line.

Step 5: Weight at Top

Tie weight to length of clothes line, loop over top pulley 2, thru the center pulley 1 and tie it to hook at bottom of post.

I selected weight by using plastic bag filled with rocks until I found the right weight. 8 lb window sash weight worked for me.

May need to oil hinges so gate operates smoothly. That's it!

Step 6: Video Demo of Gate Function

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9 Discussions


2 years ago

Nice work, I have been looking at a way of automatically retracting some chains that hold our gates open. You may just have helped solve an issue I was having with my design.


5 years ago

That's seems way better than a spring that could potentially break over time.


Reply 5 years ago

I agree. It has been working about 3 months without a problem.


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

That's so awesome! And it makes so much more sense now. I originally thought that your gate opened the other way. I'm sure that if you change your cover image (I really like the first one in step 4) that more people would view your instructable and it might eve get featured. Thanks for sharing!


Very clever engineering with rocks to determine final force needed. These kind of mechanisms are cool to watch just for the fun of it, thanks for sharing.