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In this instructable I'm going to show in pictures and tell you what machines/ weights you need to use at the gym for the muscle groups in chest, back, arms and legs. You need to work out at least five times a week to see results. For the maximum results you need to diet along with working out. What you put into your body is what you get out.

Step 1: How to Prepare for the Gym

Before going to the gym I recommend taking a protein shake or eating a snack before you go. Protein has a number of benefits and thats why I recommend taking it before the gym. You can purchase protein powder at GNC or Walmart but i recommend the first choice. Bring a liter or two of water because you will sweat a lot and you need to replenish the water you have lost.

Step 2: Chest Day

I begin with flat bench but you can switch or alternate with incline and decline bench. Make sure to do two warm up sets of 15-20 reps. After your two warm up sets you can start your working sets which your trying to lift the heaviest amount but still get 8-12 reps. When you place your arms on the bar make sure your hands are spaced evenly and lift off. When your lifting heavy always make sure to have someone spot you.

Step 3: Biceps

Start off with bicep curls standing up. Start with 2 warm up sets of 15-20 before working sets. You should feel your biceps getting sore once your doing working sets. Make sure to control the weight on your way down back to your sides. When your curling you can go as fast as you want but on the way down you want a slow burn. All machines have instructions on how to use them. If you feel you are using other muscles than your biceps that means you need to go down in weight.

Step 4: Back and Tri Day

The first machine I use is in the first picture. You need to pull the bar towards your chest and then control it on the way back up. It's ok if you lean back while doing so. Then I move over to lawn mower pulls with dumbbells. As shown in the picture keep your back straight while performing the technique. In the last picture when you use that machine think of driving a motorcycle and pull using the handles toward your chest.

Step 5: Step5: Leg Day

I always save leg day for the weekend because it takes the longest to complete. Normally I finish leg day within two hours. I start off with the leg press machine and be careful with how much weight you put on it because you can injury your knees. Just like always start off with two warm up sets of 15-20 reps. Make sure to have your legs spread apart and have your feet in the opposite direction of being pigeon toed. Take it slow on the way down and then push up as hard as you can each time. On the machines make sure to control the weight on the way down every time. Just a warning you will be extremely sore the next day.

Step 6: Why Its Important to Warm Up Before Exercise

Warm up exercises can consist of: running,swimming,cycling, walking, jogging or stretching and strength drills. These exercises are used to get the blood flowing, increase body heat and heat rate, stretching warms up the muscles and prepare them for which are needed for the activity. Explosive exercises include sprint drills or jumps, which help prepare the body for fast movements. These exercise only needed to be done once.

Step 7: Why Its Important to Warm Up Part 2

They can last up to 20 to 30 minutes. Prepares the body for exercise by slowly increasing your heart rate and circulation. This allows your joints to loosen up and elevates blood flow. The stretching part of warm ups help prevent injuries for example muscle strain.

Step 8: Benefits of Isolation Exercise

Your able to target which muscle group you want to work on without targeting another. This allows you to focus on only the primary muscles group without overdeveloping secondary muscle group. In other words adding on addition muscle to what muscle already exists. Isolated movements strengthen weakened muscle groups to increase strength.Isolated exercises can help your strengthen one muscle thats weaker than the other. If you had one leg stronger than the other isolation exercises would correct that problem.

Step 9: Exercise Safety Tips Part 1

1.Warm up. Its never good to lift when your cold get the blood flowing.

2. start off slowly and then over time increase your speed.

3. overuse of muscles can cause muscle fatigue and lead to injuries so make sure to lift five days a week and relax.

4. Listent to your body. If your feeling extremely tired or sick don't lift. If you are in any kind of sever pain during the exercise don't continue.

5. If you stoping exercising for awhile and come back to the gym start off with light weight.

6. Always have good form when lifting it prevents injuries. If you need to practice your form without any weight.

Step 10: Exercise Safety Tips Part 2

7.Always have a spotter when doing heavy lifts.

8. keep your back straight when lifting.

9. make sure the equipment you use is in good condition.

10. Dont exercise a muscle more than 3 times a week



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