Weighted Backpack

Greetings! A weighted backpack is a great way to add more resistance for certain workout exercises. I use this for the squat along with other exercises such as calf raises, lunges, etc.

Step 1: Equipment Needed

All you need to is an old backpack and some weight plates.

Step 2: Load the Backpack

Insert the weight plates in the backpack. You can vary with the amount of weight and the number of plates to fit your needs. Make sure the plates are standing vertically because it can be uncomfortable with the plates lying flat.

Step 3: Squat

Place the backpack on your back and start squatting. Go deep and let the extra resistance work for you. Happy Training!

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    Tip 11 months ago

    Put your weights in bubble wrap, its more comfortable. And watch your limit of your backpack. A plate on foot hurts a lot :)

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    Reply 10 months ago

    Thanks for the tip. Light weight used in the backpack for warming up.