Weighted Pen Holder for Wacom Bamboo Graphic Tablets




Introduction: Weighted Pen Holder for Wacom Bamboo Graphic Tablets

A stylish aluminum weighted penholder almost entirely made of scrap? Sure, here is how to make one.

I needed a solution so I could put down the pen easy, fast and often.

Step 1: Materials You Need

1. Cap of a deodorant spray. Find one made of Aluminum, because that looks great.

2. The plastics pen tip holder that came with your Bamboo Tablet. The pen can rest in it without pressure on the tip.

3. A piece of flat plastic that you use as a lid to close the bottom of the cap. I used a food containers lid.

4. Nuts, bolts, to give weight to the pen holder.

5. Felt, a piece to glue to the bottom.

Step 2: Tools You Need

1. Construction adhesive (e.g. Montagekit Bison).

2. Hot glue and glue gun.

3. (Hand)-Drill

4. Scissors

5. Paper tape. To help position the drillbit and prevent scratching.


- A file and fine grain sanding paper.

- Permanent marker

Step 3: Drill Hole and Fasten Pentip Holder

Aluminum scratches easily so hold that in mind. Put a piece of paper tape on the top where the hole should be. That way the drill does not slip. Start with a small drill. Pierce the paper tape with the small drilbit. Later the drill will stay in that. Move up to bigger drillbits in a few steps. I needed a 13mm hole. I used a rounded file to get the hole up to the right size.

Tip: you may also cover the whole thing in paper tape if you want to be sure to keep it scratchfree.

Tip: the pentip holder is transparant. You may now want to use a permanent marker to colour the outside of the pentip holder before you insert it and fasten it.That way the glue will not be visible as is in my penholder on the photo.

Slide in the pentip holder. On the inside, use some construction adhesive to fasten it.

In this step I used construction adhesive instead of hot-glue as a precaution. Because some plastics deform easily by heat. The hotglue is 100C. That high temperature might distort the pentip holder. If you have no problem using hotglue on the pentip holder, then please report it in the comments!

Step 4: Make It Heavy

Use hot glue and in layers fill the cap with nuts and bolts. If yo do it nicely it will not rattle afterwards.

Cut out a plastic closing lid and seal the bottom. Also by using hot glue. Let it cool a bit. It now has a nice flat surface to stand on. Finally stick on the felt-sticker, or glue on some felt and cut off the surpluss felt.

Step 5: Ready for Use

Remove the paper tape if there is any. It is now ready for use. It has the heavy feel of a paperweight. And the look of a machined Aluminum cilinder. The foto shows the angle where it rightens itself.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Looks really nice! Matches the aesthetic of the pen itself, quite well.