Weightlifting Shinguards



Introduction: Weightlifting Shinguards


2 pairs of knee high socks (preferably one thicker and on thinner)

2 Large Plastic Water Bottles (Essentia)

Elmers Glue

Popsicle Stick (spreading tool)

Needle and Thread



Measuring Tape

Step 1: Turn Both Pairs of Socks Inside Out.

Step 2: Stitch Both Tips of Opposite Sock Toes Together. Once Both Socks Are Inside Out, You Can Then Stitch the Tips of the Socks Together. by Stitching These Together They Will Not Come Apart When Using/making.

Step 3: Flip the Socks Right Side Out.

Step 4: Measure Shin Length and Width of Shin Guards. I Took a Fabric Cloth and Figured Out the Width and Length of My Shin That I Felt Appropriate for the Guard.

Step 5: Draw Dimensions on Side of Water Bottle. Once You Measure, Draw With Sharpie the Size of the Cut You Want to Make. I Suggest Making This Bigger Than Exact Dimensions Because It Will Leave Room for Trimming to Adjust.

Step 6: Cut Out and Then Make Adjustments to Fit Comfortably. Carefully Puncture the Bottle and Then Begin to Cut Out the Guard. Once Both Guards Are Cut Out Shape and Resize to Feel Comfortable.

Step 7: Put on the Socks. (if You Have Not Stitched the Socks Together Please Go Do Steps 1-3.)

Step 8: Slide the Shin Guard in Between Both Socks and Adjust to Comfort.

Step 9: Once You Have Established the Positioning of the Guard, Carefully Spread a Spoon of Elmer’s Glue Across the Front and Back of the Guard WHILE WEARING THE SOCK.

Step 10: After Applying Glue, Let the Glue Sit for 15 Minuets, Do Not Take Off the Socks and Keep Movement to a Minimum. I Suggest Sitting on the Couch and Watching a Show.

After carefully take off the socks and place somewhere dry to sit.

After 30 minuets the glue should be settled but I advise to wait to use till the next day.

Step 11: DONE

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    2 years ago

    Interesting idea! I've heard of soccer shinguards, but never ones for weightlifting. I learned something new, thanks! :)