Weird Burger Throne (found Instructable)




Introduction: Weird Burger Throne (found Instructable)

I found this instructable at Burger King in Germany. It is just too weird to keep to myself: Burger King Germany has instructions on how to build a throne made of fries and ketchup. The step-by-step instructions are printed on the paper that is put on your tray when you order food. According to the instructions, the throne is meant for setting down the burger on it and worshipping it.

Step 1: You Will Need:

35 king fries
3 packets of ketchup

Step 2: Seat

Step 3: Seat 2

enter longer description for this step

Step 4: Arm Rest

Step 5: Back of Chair

Step 6: Putting It All Together...

enter longer description for this step

Step 7: Finished!

enter longer description for this step

Step 8: Why

Step 9: Additional Instructions

Step 10: Additional Instructions 2

enter longer description for this step



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    It says:

    Cheers to the WHOPPER.

    He is the king of all our burgers.
    You can construct a little throne from delicious KING fries to place upon and worship him prior to eating.

    Or you could just unwrap, bite and enjoy him!

    This is one funny marketing gag. Germans do have a great sense of humour it just happens to be a lot drier than even the British one. The first phrase in the intro says That the whopper is the the king of all burgers(burger in german means citizen!!!!) The word Burger is derived from the word Burg which means castle/ the inhabitants of the "Burg" are Burger. THe first Hamburger of the culinary variety were swedish meatbals on a kaiser roll....served in the german city of hamburg(the last bit I just pulled out of my arse...go to wikipedia to find the real origin of the hamburger)

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    Actually, the inhabitants would be Burgher...Burger just comes from Hamburg residents :). And yes, from what I've seen, the Germans do have an extraordinarily dry sense of humor.

    "Hamburg"er, now i see (: It is easier to do with mcdonalds fries, more crispy.

    hi i'am danny from germany and i want to say something to your comments...
    @:aymeric rdv: you thougt that burger is another word for citizen i mean thats right but
    burger king dont want's to allude to this (..."allude"...i hope thats right)
    i don't think that anyone i know could laugh about this stupid Instructable ("bauanleitung")

    and @ Oabbey: why do you wish for the annihilation of germany?!
    annihilation is another word for destroy or something like this
    or am i wrong?

    i hope i dont have too much mistakes in my text :D


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    i remember this instructable from a burger king near me i tried and hey it broke the workers in bk werent very happy about cleaning the table after that mess!

    Hey.. that is really weird and awesome.... but could you decipher it for us? it would be a huge help.

    German engineering never tasted so good.

    And they say Germans don't have a sense of humour...

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    they don't, that's a serious project when you're in germany.....LOL


    11 years ago

    wow. thats probably the most awesome idea ever. now i feel kind of guilty about my wish for the anhilation of Germany.

    HAHA thats funny man im so going to try that! good work makes food more fun lol!


    11 years ago

    why do we need the additional instructions they are in german or watever! somone please translate

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    Babel Fish Translation (with corrections): "A high on the WHOPPER®. It is the King of our Burger. They can build it a small throne from some KING of potatoes, set him on it and for him worship, before you eat him. They can unpack, clean-bite and completely relaxed enjoy it in addition, simply."