Weird Stool

Introduction: Weird Stool

About: Royal Academy of Arts The Hague - Master Industrial Design

Weird Stool is a modified version of Twistab Original open source stool which I modified and cut through CNC milling machine in Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague. This is the steps I made to create it.

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Step 1: Introduction

To make my weird stool, I downloaded the manual and the open source file of Twistab original, you can find the manual here to do the same.

Step 2: Re-design

After downloading the files, I started modifying the original stool with Illustrator by randomly dragging the lines around to obtain a funnier and weird shape, until I was satisfied with the result. Here is the illustrator file which I obtained.

Step 3: Final Editing for CNC Milling

To prepare my file for the CNC milling, I exported it on Rhinoceros and adjusted all the layers according to the instructions you can find on the manual. All the different activities the CNC milling machine has to do have to be on different separate layer. Here is my file, with separated layers and everything.

Step 4: Milling

After the file was ready I sent it to the machine for milling. This took a couple of hours because I was using the machine with other people. The material I used was a cheap plywood board, 30mm thick.

Step 5: End Result

After milling, I took out the different parts and assembled them. I polished the edges with sanding paper and cleaned the leftovers left by the bridges. This is the end result of my weird stool.

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