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This is the start of the "canon" please have fun it goes about 3 ft or so!! if you have Knexs then you have everything you will need just look at the pics! Enjoy.

Step 1: This Is Going to Start It Off

it will look like a house but its my fav thing to build very hard at first but i got it all now alway making improvements! make pic 1 times 2! 2 rubber bands to make it go can have up to 3 will fail after 3.

Step 2: Building the Arm

This can be really hard or really EASY just keep trying. You will just need a few parts to make the arm.

Step 3: Arm/ No Fail

Putting the arm together and making it hold not fail. The goal is to hold it to gether so when the ball is let go it will keep in one peice.

Step 4: The Ball Holder

This is a really fun step this is the step that means you are almost done with the canon. Just put it all to gather and one more step. You will need 4 wihite snow flakes. Now you will need 2 blue pegs and 9 white pegs just put 3 white per snow flake and a blue at the bottom to make the ball stay and not fall off the holder.

Step 5: DONE

YOUR DONE!!!!!!!! Now go have fun. Please comment! ENJOY!!



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    Mr. Muggle

    9 years ago on Introduction

    no offense but you should only post stuff you build that is really good, not anything you make.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    You should probably come up with a more descriptive title than Welcome (Please Enjoy)