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This is a step-by-step instructable on how to make a welcome sign.

You will need:

Masking Tape

Paper with 'Welcome' printed on it. See next step.

Spray Paint

Wood, I made mine 10" x 6".

Router and bit, Optional

Flat carving tool or knife

Step 1: Make the Words

Print off the words on your computer, using size 96, font Verdena. (If you want it like mine.)

Step 2: Mark and Router

Mark the center of the board, and router all the edges.

My bottom edge didn't work out because I noticed too late that that side of the board had been rough cut. I was using the bearing on the router, but with rough wood you should always use the adjustable stop.

Make sure to use Pencil. Pen does not come off easily. :-)

Step 3: Mark (Again) and Mask It

Using your masking tape, mask everywhere, and mark the middle again. You can see it through the tape. The reason I did this is because the routing is sometimes not perfect. Mark the middle of the letters. Lining up your mark on the paper with the one on the tape, Tape it on. (Picture 3)

Step 4: Cut the Tape

With your knife or carving tool, cut out all the letters, remember to cut on the inside of the E and the O's.

Step 5: Paint It

Once you have peeled all the letters out, paint it.

Step 6: Finish It!

Once the paint is dry, peel the tape off, and erase your mark. Now, you can waterproof it, or just hang it up inside.

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