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Introduction: Welcome to Nightvale Shoes

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Over the summer I discovered the weird small desert community know as Nightvale. I fell in love with the podcast and all of the characters in it. It is dark, odd, and profound all at the same time which makes you think in a whole new way. But enough about a show that you should diffidently, maybe, probable go and listen to.


* a pair of white canvas shoes

* pencil

* acrylic paint in multiply colors

* small paint brushes

* water

* pallet or note cards

* tissue paper or any newspaper

*small Dixie cups



*head pin

Step 1: Prepare (for the Worst) the Shoes

The first thing you want to do is listen to Welcome to Nightvale and enjoy it so much that you have favorite quotes or aspects of the show so that you will have something to draw. I went with the glow cloud with " All hail the Glow Cloud" across the bottom on one shoe and the Nightvale theme art on the other. On the right shoe I drew tentacles coming from the back of the shoe on both sides. And on the left I wrote quotes such as "Goodnight Nightvale Goodnight" , and my favorite " And now the weather". Then on the other side of the left shoe I drew Khoshekh (the floting cat in the men's bathroom) and Nightvale inspired eyes and stars. On the heel seam I was going to paint Carlos and Cecil name's, but when I tried to paint them it looked REALLY bad.
At this time you can tape the soul of the shoe if you want to. The last time I taped shoes it left a sticky residue on the sole, so I opted out of the tape this go around.

Step 2: You Put Your Right Foot In...

With a light purple I painted the main background and the iris of the eye. Then I painted the rest of the eye with a dark purple. Then I painted the skyline and water tower black.
On the side of the shoe I painted the outside of the tentacles dark gray and the inside a light gray. With a head pin I dotted the tentacles on the light gray to look like little suckers.

Step 3: You Put Your Left Foot In...

With the same light purple I painted the front of the shoe leaving the cloud unpainted. Then I painted the words "All hale the Glow Cloud" underneath it with a small angled brush.
I found that a small lip brush worked best for most of the painting. In each small Dixie cup I added a different color and alittle water to make acrylic water color. (Kinda) Then I painted the Glow Cloud blue, green, pink, orange.

On the outside of the shoe I wrote "Goodnight Nightvale Goodnight" and "And now the weather" with a sharpie. I used sharpie because I knew if I tried to paint the words it would look a mess.
On the inside of the shoe I painted various eyes in purples and grays. With Khoshekh (the floting cat in the men's bathroom) I outlined him in a dark gray, and ended up just filling it in with the dark gray and outlining him in black.
I went back with a very light purple and made little stars and little dots everywhere on the shoe. This is when I relished that the names were not going to happen, and I just painted them with the dark purple.

Step 4: Goodnight Instructables Goodnight

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    4 years ago

    I now know what I need to add to my back-to-school clothes to show off my inner WTNV spirit. Thank you for making this!


    5 years ago

    In all honesty I am gonna do this and I will se glow in the dark paint for the almighty glow cloud


    Reply 5 years ago

    Oh good idea!!! Even try different color glow paint for more of a Glow Cloud.


    5 years ago

    can't wait to make some for my daughter n' I. Thanks for the introduction to Night Vale!


    5 years ago

    Ladies and gentleman...that brings is to - the weather