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Introduction: Welcome to My Workshop

This is my workshop, a lot of the tools are pretty old, but I like it. My workshop consists of my workshop and my electronic lab. There I conduct High Voltage (HV) experiments, as well as intricate circuitry (just don't mix the two!). I really only have wood working tools, but I would like to have some metal working tools such as ways of cutting steal and joining (I'm thinking of a welder!).

Welcome to my workshop!

EDIT: here's an unpublished instructable of all of the same pictures, just with comments.



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    I have a separate shed, two floors, very little usable space (most of it is taken up for storage) it does have electricity, but doesn't have heat...and is uninsulated, so trying to heat the whole thing with electric heat would just be a big waste of money, wood heat would be nice, it would be able to heat it with/without insulation without costing too much, except the cost of the stove, but, no room for one...I can however use space heaters to keep my hands/feet warm, or a catalytic propane heater to keep my hands warm, but that's about it...oh, and my bedroom is used for most of my electronics stuff...

    Don't knock the old tools kid, if you take care of them they will serve you a lot longer than the crap made these days. My father bought a small Black & Decker Jig Saw 15 years ago in a second hand store( used) the casing is metal, nicely made , I have replaced the brushes twice and it still works perfectly

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    Like with my workshop its a rusty old shed filled with rusty old tools ! 

    I have a drill press i paid about 30 pounds (abpout 50 dollars or so) for it was made in the 70s It works perfectly A bit of wd40 and its perfect

    I'm not knocking them, just would like some new ones (such as cnc lathe, cnc mill, etc.)

    All the tools in this aren't really part of a "workshop", but rather, the stuff that every person has in their garage. If you're seriously banking on a CNC controlled machine, you live in a dream world. There's a lot to be said for a block plane and a saw...

    I agree with you, the 'old' tools were made in USA, and other good counties are very good and reliable, but in nowadays, all the crappy tools comes from the bloody china...

    Yup. Shore is a nice work shop. Shore wish I had a place to work like that. Ya. I would like just to have all that area to work in. I got a closet that I share with my Ham Radio station.

    But, Hay! Don't give-up! Keep trying to find the tools you need. You are young. You have time. NOW are the years you need to build up what is going to make you an awful lot of money later in life.

    man I am only 14 but I have my own workshop none of it is my dads all payed by my pocket money I will do a slide show some time I want a lathe and a belt sander

    well, they're my dads, but I use them all the time (but he's still wants to supervise/be in the house while I use the radial arm saw & circular arm saw).

    I still find it very supprising that you have access to all of those tools!

    My dad would never let me even touch tools like yours... :-(

    It took me quite a few years before my 'rents let me use all the power tools in my house (my mom still doesn't like it when I do, but I just wait until she's not home...) You just need to respect the tools - I'm still afraid to use a table saw, but I do it anyway (just cautiously).

    Respect for yer tools = safe, accurate, and long lasting tools/use :)