Weld Tester

Introduction: Weld Tester

A jig designed to test welds by bending them.

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Step 1: Cut Out All Pieces

Cut out
1 4x6x3/8 square
2 4x6x3/8 square with 2 1" inch holes spaced 2-2/4" apart center to center
2 1" diameter circles of 3/8" sheet metal
3 4" pieces of 1" succor rod
1 3" piece of 1" succor rod
1 3" piece of 3" tubing
1 3" diameter circle of 3/8" sheet metal

Step 2: Create Plunger

Weld the 3" circle plate to the bottom of the 3" tubing. Then weld a 4" piece of succor rod to to the bottom of the plate. Finally, weld 3" piece of succor rod perpendicular to the 4" rod.

Step 3: Create Base

Weld the 2 4"x6" plates ON TOP of the other plain 4"x6" plate.

Step 4: Create Rollers

Weld 1" circles to a side of 2 4" pieces of succor rod as handles.

Step 5: Use

Put the rollers through the holes in the base. Set the metal that is being bent on top of the rollers. Put plunger onto a hydrolic press and press the metal between the rollers.

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    4 years ago

    Interesting! I'd love to see a video of this in action!