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Introduction: Welded Bike Trailer

We was made this trailer this week, thanks for couple ideas from this site I plan to use him when I go on picnic with my family, to carry barbecue, picnic table, stool, etc. Thanks for couple ideas from this site... my inspiration for this was this and this one,  but it was more expensive option for me (too many PVC parts), and another advantage for me it's free welding... my dear friend Memet was weld all this for free for me.
Trailer it's made from two steel profiles (2x6m) 1,5x1,5cm. Clear cargo size is 95x65 cm and it's very lightweight. We was test him with app load of 75kg, and it's more then good. Wheels are from some small bike (front and back – 20”), second hand normally completely repaired. Hitch is madded from swivel caster wheel from hardware store with one additional metal plate welded additionally, and it's very simple but very strong (thanks to this) . We was decide to put metal net like cargo floor, because my friend was have couple pcs in back yard, and I think that is good solution even it's add little weight to trailer.
Any way, I'm very happy with results, my kid's too.

two wheels from old bike=3,12$
new tires, axial for wheel=14,5$
two metal profiles (12m) 1,5x1,5cm=11$
caster wheel=1,2$
bolt, small parts..=5,5$
metal net=free (regular price here approx. 5,5$)
welding= thanks Memet (regular price here approx, 15$)




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Can you lean into turns with that hitch?

Am looking at your plans for the bike trailer, and I think I'll forward this to my brother who is going to build me a trailer for my mobile scooter. I like the setup that you have, and I can put most of my groceries, n good into it and make a 1 trip to the store, instead of 5 or 6 during the month. Thanks for this.

Thank you very much for this instructable. I just have one thing not clear about the hitch. The metal plate is rectangular with the long side facing downward. My question is: how do you stop the metal plate from turning upward when the cart pulls? I have the feeling that just a bolt will not keep the plate firm for a long time.

Thanks for your answer!

1 reply

Just it's hard pressed with a bolt. When i go to picknic i drive more then 22km.. and since now, not even one problem with caster wheel. But thanks.. it's good idea to puth some additional security lock on plate..


Very nice car.
I,m Dutsh so sorry for my englisch.
In my countrie Holland is the lor 1 meter wide.
so i dont now how it is in your countrie buth be were.
Good Luck and an little kis.

Nice trailer! So far out of all the designs I've looked at, yours is my favorite. Just a couple questions:

1. What is the thing that's clipped onto the tow arm's diagonal brace? (Is it a tire pump?)

2. What type of metal did you use?

3. How did you get your 12m of square pipe so cheap? I started looking around at my hardware store and even if I only go with angle iron, I think it would cost close to $50. I'm thinking about trying it with conduit, which would be a lot cheaper, but I don't know if that would be strong enough.

2 replies

1.  yes'.. it's a pump
2.  that is stell square pipe, size 1,5x1,5cm-6 m long... with thickness of wall of 1.5mm
3.  about price... i'm in EU-Macedonia, and here price of that square pipe is more cheaper i think, that price in US... soory for that

thanks for interest

Good idea using the caster wheel as the (swivel) hitch.

where's the instructable? i think you're looking for flickr...

Thanks Tom... I really appreciate comments from someone who is “deep involved” in this.....