Welder Storage Hook




Intro: Welder Storage Hook

Ufff a lot of time since my last post.

Hope you lijke this small proyect.

Step 1: Materials

Board 2cm Ithick, and plywood, 5mm thick

No measures, since it must fit your need.

Run through the table saw in order to get the same width

Rounded Corner to fit the cables.

The plywood mut be 4 inches longer than the board, and get the round corner aswell.

Step 2:

Cut the thin piece of board to length, and in angle, and fix it to the board whit glue and a screw.

Drill the holes for the screw to the hook and the ones to fix it to the the wall.

Find a paper clip, the bigger the better and drill thow holes for the screw. One bigger tjan the other, so the head of the screw can go through and attach it as its shown.

And we are done.

Fix it to the wall.

Step 3:

Profit !!!



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    2 years ago

    Really Nice Idea Love it