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Recycle it! Welding carts are essential for the welder, it allows the controls to be within reach without taking up your valuable workspace. In this tutorial we will review how i was EASILY able to save more than $100. by rescuing a discarded paint sprayer from the dump. The sprayer looked as if it had been run over, or dropped off a roof or scaffolding, but that didnt matter. I was only after the bones of the thing, which albeit dirty, were still intact.

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Step 1: Size It Up

I used my flat emergency wallet tool to dismantle the broken pump from the frame, and left it, (just 4 bolts!). I reversed the wire hanger so there would be plenty of clearance to pop the welder top, and change wire spools, (just 2 bolts!). I measured the bottom of the welder, and cut a scrap of OSB wood to that dimension. If you don't have scraps, and don't want to buy wood, you can usually find free cut offs at the local hardware store. IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW TO SAFELY HANDLE ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS, DON'T DO THIS INSTRUCTABLE. IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET ELECTROCUTED. TO DEATH. FROM APPLIANCES THAT AREN'T PLUGGED INTO AN ELECTRICAL OUTLET. I used bolts that were scavenged from something else, and bolted the wood to the cart, (using the thru holes where the paint pump originally bolted on). I then used a scrap of L metal for the front of the welder, I ran a self-tapper screw thru the bottom of the wooden platform, and a short self-tapper into the face of the welder (thru the L metal). The blue paint in the pic was sprayed thru the thru-holes to mark the wood for drilling. The side cover was removed to ascertain a good wire free spot to mount the L metal bracket. Now that the welder was affixed, i could lean it back to install 2 L brackets on either side, toward the back.

Step 2: DONE!

Pretty cool, right? Total cost: $2.40! That's pretty good, considering welding carts go from $100-200! I also stuck a small bungee on the handle to hold the welding mask, and also to hold the top up when servicing. Eventually I'll probably install a bottom shelf for storage, maybe I'll make an addendum to this 'ible. This is my first instructable, so please be kind, and rewind. I'm working on two others, so keep an eye out. If you like this instructable, you can vote in favor of it, for the "Budget Contest" But I have no idea how, there's probably a button somewhere on your screen that says "vote" or maybe it's a thumbs-up or something. You'll figure it out.

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    Creator Nater
    Creator Nater

    5 years ago

    Ty! It went super quick, too!

    Wow the amount of money saved by this build is amazing, very nice job! Thanks for sharing your process! Welcome to instructables!