Welding Horseshoes Into a Cross

Introduction: Welding Horseshoes Into a Cross

During this instructable, I will be showing you the steps on how to make a cross out of horseshoes. This was done with used horseshoes. You can get knew ones and it might be easier. I like the look of the old ones though

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Step 1: Collect Materials Needed

For this project you will need gloves, a welding helmet, welder, rods and 10 horse shoes. We used a stick welder but a wire welder would also work. If the horse shows are straight they work better. So make them straight, try getting the rust and dirt off of. You can also use new ones but they don't have the rustic look.

Step 2: Line Up the Shoes in the Correct Design

If all the horseshoes are the same size it is easier. This is done with shoes of different sizes. Line them up to make a star in the middle. It is easier first if you tack together the middle than add the sides, but line them all up at first. Every other end of the horse shoe must touch. One side is under and the next is over. Add two horse shoes to the bottom and one to the sides and top.

Step 3: Tack Together All the Shoes

Tack them all together before the final weld. It doesn't have to be a complete weld, that's next.

Step 4: Do the Finish Weld

Weld them on the back of the horse shoes for a strong hold.

Step 5: Grind Down the Welds If Needed

If your welds aren't clean, grind them down.

Step 6: Spray Paint

Spray paint is optional, but if you don't they could rust.

Step 7: Finished

You are complete.

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    This was an excellent project. I am glad your shared this.

    Aislinn Meszaros
    Aislinn Meszaros

    4 years ago

    That's so cool and a good use of waste.


    4 years ago

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing how you made this. I really like the idea, thanks!