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Introduction: Welding Table - Super Easy

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A super easy welding table...

I have recently bought a MIG welder and I needed a table to weld on...

...something that was easy to put up and put away...

...and that was cheap...

...what did I have lying around?

...grab an old radiator and lets get started...

Step 1: Get Your Bits Together

Okay so the idea is so simple...

...get an old radiator, place it flat, grind off the paint...

...and you have a cheap welding table that is stable and shouldn't move due to the ribs of the radiator.

Initially I built it on some concrete blocks to get me started.

We can do better!

Get some reinforcing bar [rebar] and lets make a cool pair of legs for our new welding table.

Get your bits together

An old radiator to the size that you would like - check out skips [make sure the owner is happy for you to take]

Rebar 12mm diameter - a 6m length will be enough for all the parts.

Spray paint - if you would like it colourful

Two short scaffold planks


Angle grinder

Cutting + grinding disks

Wire disc attachment for derusting

Welder of choice - I used a MIG

Welding supplies to suit your welder

Welding mask and gauntlets


Timber saw

Crosscut saw

Dust mask + googles for ginding

Step 2: Grind Off the Paint

Grind off the paint from the top of the ribs of the radiator...

...until you have bare metal all over the face of the radiator.

Step 3: Get Welding

The welding table is ready to use...

...Clip on the welder earth to the table...

...switch on the welder...

...turn on the gas...

...put on all of your safety gear...

...and get welding.

WE CAN DO BETTER - lets weld together some legs

I am new to welding and this instructable assumes that you know how to weld.

I learnt at my local technical college in the evenings, an excellent short course, otherwise maybe check out the Instructables class where Audrey Obscura leads you through all you need to know to get started...

...I particularly liked her analogy of welding likening it to a metal hot glue gun...infact I stenciled the term onto my own welding table.

Please be kind to me as my welds are not a thing of beauty...yet

Step 4: Cut to Length

Work out the height you would like your table, mine was around 700mm high and the width of your radiator.

Cut the rebar to length.

You will need four legs that will poke into the radiator by around 25mm

Four cross pieces

Four pieces about 100mm long for the top of the bracket

Four shorter pieces for the brace of the bracket around 80mm long though lay out your pieces to determine actual length.

Step 5: Weld the Leg Brackets

Okay so the idea is to make the legs with a bracket that will point to the ends of the radiator.

A stub of the leg will poke into the bottom of the radiator.

When tensioned with the shelf the brackets will lock onto the radiator and keep the table stable.

Weld these together.

You may need to grind around where the welds will be as I did if the rebar is not free of rust and paint.

Step 6: Weld an H

Weld two cross pieces to two sets of legs to form an H shape.

I set my bottom cross bar at 100mm...

...and the top cross bar just below the brackets.

You should now have two sets of H leg frames.

Step 7: Clean Up

If like me your welding is still in the learning stage you may need to grind the welds down.

If you are going to paint the legs go over with a wire wheel attachment on the angle grinder to clean up the metal

Step 8: Mark Out for Drilling

Place the radiator upside down and position a leg on top [upside down]

It is best that the leg will go through the widest part of a rib to give maximum leverage when the legs are spread.

The best way to mark the positions is to spray paint around the legs...

...move out of the way and a perfect circle is left.

Drill a hole for the rebar to fit into at each position.

Only drill through one half of the radiator.

Step 9: Position the Legs

Pop the legs in place.

Step 10: A Bit of Colour

I like the colour red...

...its a personal choice.

Step 11: Shelf

I know that using timber for a bottom shelf for a welding table may not be the best idea...sparks causing a fire.

I use my welding table outside and I consider the risk very low.

You may choose to make up a metal shelf.

Timber or metal...place the shelf material on top of the cross bar [upside down bottom one]...

...spread the leg frames so that the brackets lock firmly on the radiator...

...mark the cross bar position on the shelves.

Cut the shelves to length and cut or weld a slot that will sit over the legs cross bar.

Step 12: Put It All Together + Weld

Now put it all together...

...slot in the leg frames...

...stand the table up...

...spread the legs...

...slot in the shelf...

...and get welding

I am so excited to be welding, learning new techniques and using new materials...the possibilities are endless...and so much easier to achieve now with this super easy welding table...give it a go...it works!

I am entering this project into the Metal Contest and the Workshop Hacks Challenge and if you have enjoyed this project, I would really appreciate your vote...thank you so much.

This project is part of my YouTube channel where I try to make cool and interesting projects.

Please check out my channel if you want to see more of the projects, if not there will be more coming to Instructables soon.

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    2 years ago

    Now you tell me! I've already made my welding table; not as nice as yours though... but pink legs? Good Instructable, thanks.