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Introduction: Wenge Glow Bracelet

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This instructable is quite easy as it is the process of how I made my first and favorite bracelet.

Step 1: Choose Your Wood.

The wood I chose for this project is Wenge, an exotic, dark, hard, and also another of my favorite hardwoods. The timber chosen should be at least 3" * 3" * 0.75".

Step 2: Split

Now that you've chosen your wood, it will have to be split into 2 pieces. This is a dangerous type of cut so the thicker the timber the safer it will be to cut. I used a table saw and ripped the board down the middle.

Step 3: Drill Grooves for Glow

Next you'll want to use a hole saw to make a groove for resin and glow powder. I used a 2 1/8" hole saw. Keep in mind this is going to be about the size of your bracelet so measure your wrist accordingly. Now you don't want to drill all the way through the wood just enough to form an indent.

Step 4: Mix and Pour

Choose a glow powder color to your liking. I chose green and can be easily purchased from the internet from sites like ebay and amazon. After mixing with resin pour into the groove formed, along with wood surrounding to use as a glue. Clamp wood together,assuring the holes are lined up, for 24 hours.

Step 5: Cut Hole for Wrist

Now with a hole saw that is a we bit smaller, drill out hole for your wrist. I used a 2" hole saw and my grooves were formed with a 2 1/8" saw. Also trim bracelet down to about 3" * 3" so it's easier to sand down.

Step 6: Form Circle

I used a belt sander and a dremel to do all of the shaping. Start with a belt sander and form a circle. Careful not to go too far and expose the resin. Now you have glow in the dark resin enclosed by wood to cut into, shape, and design any way you'd prefer.

Step 7: Dremel a Design

To form this design I used a dremel with a drum sander. The hinge opening and magnet closing ideas are optional. The bracelet could be made large enough to slide over hand or it can be cut in half as mine was.

Step 8: Hinge and Magnet

If you've decided on this way you'll need to cut your bracelet in half. Find a mini hinge at craft store along with screws. Attach hinge to both halves. To hold the bracelet together I used earth magnets, also found at a craft store. Dremel out grooves to fit a magnet on each end of the bracelet. Glue in your magnets making sure both ends meet up properly.

Step 9: Finish Sand and Clear Coat

Sand down as fine as you'd like it along with your favorite clear coat and woolah!!

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    I love wenge,I still have a few boards myself. Thanks for sharing

    sloppy cool. I love working with wood and I do a lot of stuff with it, I hope I can make one the cool

    Thanks for being awesome

    Good luck just take the time necessary when carving and all tits dandy!

    This is an awesome design... Wow! I'm going to start a wood bracelet too and I can only hope it will be half as cool as yours.


    Thank you. Yes it is not too difficult just tedious. Woolah just seemed like the right word eh

    I love this! A really cool design and clasp mechanism. I love that it goes too.

    Very cool bracelet. I've never made a bracelet out of wood, but this doesn't look too difficult. Love the way you did the hinge and magnet clasp!