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Introduction: Werewolf Costume

About: Hey everyone i just wanted to say i am working on a new werewolf this one is huge i hope it turns out but stand by.

 This costume took me a year to make off and on, take your time and change it any way you want.

Step 1: Things You Might Need

 Few thiings you will need.

Bike helmet 
K'nex (yes the kids toys it works)
Duck tape 
Hockey tap (black)
Fur (this will cost a lot of money)
Marshmallow modelling clay ( this is very light )
Fake blood 
Old shirt 
Old pants
Teddy bear eyes (medium in size)
Hot glue gun 
Needle and Thread

Step 2: Starting

Frist thing take the bike helmet and remove the plastic so the fome is left( do NOT remove straps you will need theses) 
take the k'nex and build 4 bridges at least a foot long leave a peaces so you can fix it into the bike helmet. use the Duck tape to link it to the helmet.

Cut out .25 inch fome to the nose and ears to hide the seams used the hockey tape.
Cut 1 inch fome for the sides of the head and the top of the head

The eyes are easy the white piece that comes in k'nex is a perfect holder for the eyes.
If your good at wiring up LED's lights place them behind the eyes they'll light up an you will be able to see them when the fur goes on. 

I did not keep these teeth i made better ones

Step 3: Adding Fur

 As you can see in the Picture add more hockey tape (it hides every thing and will not fall apart).

Cut one piece of Fur for the nose use a short fur for this use hot glue. Do not worry about the hockey tape around the jaws they will look like the gums of the mouth.

Measure the jaw and cut the fur use hot glue to place it on the k'nex.  At this point (once the glue dries) place it on your head. you might have to cut the jaw to fit your jaw under it. easy fix is once you have is cut to the right size for you jaw glue a triangle piece to cover over the cut you just made.

This part it hard in one the top of the head cut it to fix snugly but enough room for play cut to big slits for the ears the bigger the better once you have is fitted use the glue gun to hold it all in place and fix the ears pull them tight and glue.

Step 4: Teeth

this step is fun.

To Make this easy and light weight i found that molding clay is best but not just and find one called "Mash mellow Molding clay". its about 15 dollars and you will only need on package.

to get the teeth looking the same a a wolf look up wolf skull online mold them in the look of a wolfs but bigger. the 2 big teeth i molded them around the top jaw so i could get the look i wanted.

Step 5: Hands

This part hurts and I cant figure out how to do it any easier.

Get 2 gloves tight fitting but thick every important. Get 2 different pics of fur different lengths long and short. trace your hand with the glove on and then cut them out. using on hand up hot glue ( yes i know this is stupid ) but the glue on the glove put down the glue gun and place the fur on it. Reason wile the glue is drying  move your hand slowly the gule will dry but softer and movable once one sid is done flip your hand over and do the same to that side.

The claws cut so cardboard is small pieces then wrap it in masking tape then cut them is the shape of the claws. the reason for the masking tape is that the calws look like claws but will not hurt any one.

Step 6: The Body and Legs

measure  your own cloths and cut and stitch the together this will take a wile. the way i get to hide the seams is to lay the top of the fur together then turn in side out (if you look at a shirt you will under stand what i mean.

get an old par of pants and old shirt find the shapes knife. make sure not to cut the wast band but rip, shred and dirty up the pants and shirt and make it look like the wolf rip the clothing apart.  have fun

use the wast band of the shredded pants and sow the wolf fur pants to the shredded pants you might need some one to help you.

The tail cut a triangle the length of arm. fold the fur over so you can sow it leave the wides part open stuff that with foam once filled sow that wide part closed.

find a belt and attach the tail to the belt put the belt on first and mark were the centre is on your back. sow it together.

Step 7: Feet

find old par of shoes.

cut solid foam into toes and cut fur to cover them. place all together with hot glue.

Step 8: Have Fun

Put it on and have fun. Change it any way you want and if you find a better method even better have fun during Halloween and scare as many people as you can I know I have.

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    2 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i've seen a lot of instructables for mask, and i'm glad to see yet another addition to the ingredients (K'Nex).

    i can't tell from the photos, but does this interfere with your vision/visibility when you are wearing the mask?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Ya I look out the mouth so you want to give the idea of the wolf looking at someone you have to look at there feet lol. and I wear glasses they can fog up allot its like a evil mascot costume.