Werewolf Face Paint

Introduction: Werewolf Face Paint

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Werewolves of London unite! This classic creepy furry friend as created by Nick Wolfe.from the Creepy Creatures FaceCards Collection will leave even the bravest of souls howling!

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Step 1: Beige

First, I started with a nude color to make the base. Then, I used a dark brown shadow to blend into the beige.

Step 2: Make Fur

Then, from the Walking Dead palette, I used a burnt red to make the fur around the face and over the eyebrows.

Step 3: Add Features

Then, I used more of the burnt red to create wrinkles on the face, and outline the bottom eyelids.

Step 4: Black

Then, I went into my black for the nose, outlines on the wrinkles, and arches over the eyes.

Step 5: More Features

Then, besides using more black to go around the red fur, I started using white to add highlights to the features, and added fangs to the top lip.

Step 6: Finish Off

Then, I finished off with a bit of black to the bottom lip, outlined the fangs, and used more white and burnt red to add highlighting and detailing to anywhere else on the face. Then, I blended in a dark brown shadow around the face, and added black mascara on the lashes to give it some extra oomph!

Step 7: Ah-wooooo!

Now, get ready to howl in style with this awesome werewolf face!

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