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Introduction: West Texas Bonfire

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We have not had measurable rain in some time now , therefore we are not able to have LARGE Bonfires Like you Get to up north .
I enjoy sitting outside with a cold refreshing beverage ( or hot Coffee) at night to relax . so i came up with this idea. .

I had almost all the objects already but the lamp oil and the cold drinks .
so all in all i think i spent about $20
(original Idea from http://theboxstorecraftsman.com/) 

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Step 1: Too Much Free Time

Grab one very large flower pot that you have laying around , 
I actually broke a Cinderblock up a bit with a hammer to help Fill in the bottom of the pot (no picture) 

Step 2:

then i inserted the smaller "Burners " and poured river rock around them .
next i could not find any Burnable Gel for the burners so i grabbed a bottle of lamp oil .

Step 3:

The trouble with lamp oil is it wont really burn on its own  .
I finished my cold a refreshing and tasty Adult beverage and set it down ,no picture

Step 4:

after a few minutes i took out my pocket knife and cut the bottom off the can  (about 2 inches from the bottom )
I then took off the T-shirt i was wearing and cut a few "strips " off the sleeve, ( old t-shirt so my wife did not beat me )

Step 5:

using your knife , punch some holes in the center of the can , then insert the rolled up t-shirt strips .

Step 6:

place caps over cups Dipping the New "Wicks"into the oil ,
wait about 2 minutes , light the wick and sit back and enjoy the cool night air with your own personal "Bonfire"

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    that looks awesome and I agree there is little as relaxing as contemplating flames (in moderation of course)