Wharfedale Diamond 1Vs. Repairing Blown Crossover and Cabinet Refurb'.

Introduction: Wharfedale Diamond 1Vs. Repairing Blown Crossover and Cabinet Refurb'.

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These little speakers are not studio reference monitors and are not suitable for critical  listening but they are wonderful, none the less. It could be argued, however, that when you have used any speakers, over many years and listened to a vast array of music genre and styles through them, that familiarity and experience will go a long way when you need to trust what you hear.

One of the bass drivers had become weak at low volume but as the impedance was ok I thought I'd take a look at the crossover and it was no surprise to find a burnt-out tail from the inductor. The damage appeared to go into the coil a little way so I unwound it a couple of turns until the wire was sound and cut it at that point. I measured the length of the damaged piece and rummaged through a box of cables (like you do;-) and found a suitable replacement. It had to be cut to the exact length ( + connection overlap), cleaned, tips tinned with lead solder and varnished for insulation. I soldered the ends together, varnished over the repair and re-wound it onto the coil.

I reloaded the drivers and crossover into the cab and fired them up - hey presto - perfect.

The cabinets just needed a little TLC.

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